Frankly speaking..... summertime.. living is EASY?

Well, I promised a post after nationals was done, and so here it is.  Summer is coming and the livin is supposed to get easy.  Wench promised that after May was over she'd be around some, take it easy and rest a bit, but....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO now she's made plans to drive to New York twice in one month!  There is this issue with dental work needing to be done, which will require two appointments.  Not one to let any grass grow under her feet (she doesn't know what she's missing, grass is pretty tasty) she is offering rabbit transports along her route, and delivering a rooster to family.  The Clemens family has a thing for chickens (thus, whenever there is a family get together the conversation ALWAYS reverts to chickens in one form or another) and so, they have been known to do an in-family chicken swap type thing like you'd see at a tractor supply.  Now that builder and wench are 800 miles from home, the chickens get to travel too. This guy is going to go live with the Doctors Hodson, and will have a pampered life if he behaves, and if not, well, who knows: 052He is a polish rooster, who looks pretty cool, but, does not fit in with builders breeding schedule of pure bred black australops which hopefully will be available next spring from the farm.  Since something wiped out our entire flock of egg layers, we are putting lots of stock into these 18 young pullets to start our egg business off in July.

So, Wench and Aunt June went to the Powhatan Festival of Fiber (2nd year) and set up their tent in the beautiful northern Virginia sunshine.

115by the next day, it was drizziling; by 1 PM it was pouring, and by 3 PM they had closed down the show (note Aunt June's purple raincoat).  Sales were good in spite of the weather, so they will be going back next year, but, things learned at this show include:   (1) a larger, more sturdy tent is needed (and has been acquired); (2) feet for the grids would be a good thing (it's on builders list to do); (3) festival vending is HARD WORK (they need the exercise).  Not to be discouraged, the worker bees (wench and aunt j) packed up the wet things and drove about an hour, checked into a hotel, had a couple of drinks and a nice dinner, and were good as new.

The following weekend, Angora Nationals took place in Ohio.  Lucy and Ethel (wench and june) were on the road again, and caravanned to Ohio with Deb McCormick and the Heart Felt Hares.  A good time was had by all, especially Ultana, who escaped from her locked cage and went 'walkin after midnight' just like the old song.  No significant wins for the Mountain Top, but hey, we took the colored senior doe class last year, and so you can't expect to win all the time, right?  Speaking of last year, Julianna is bred again, so HOPEFULLY we'll get an heir this time.

Next weekend, the traveling road show is going to Raleigh, NC to participate in the Got to Be NC food and wine festival, as a part of the rabbit exhibit (not food, just fancy) and to try to sell the shirt off my back.  The weekend after that, it's the Middle Tennesse Fiber Festival.

When shearing was done this spring, wench discovered that our little Carmella was apparently expecting.  This was a surprise because she didn't LOOK knocked up, just a little bit tubby, and considering the grain she eats, not unusual. WELL, we knew that Greta was ready when she was acting rather blatty and out of sorts, so wench kept her inside that day.  Soon, she brought forth the cutest little blue and white doe kid with blue eyes.  Carmella was out with the flock.  About an hour later, wench looked out the window and say Carmella with something standing underneath her.  VIOLA! a little red baby girl.  These two are so close in age and size, they could almost be twins... so their names are RUBY and SAPPHIRE:

Welcome to the world little girls --


There are rumors going around that Geronimo may have found a new job.   sigh.  I always hate to lose them, but Willis is poised to take over so I guess it is inevitable.  He did pretty good with these two cuties, so.... we'll see for next year.

094Willis being poised.

Well, that's about all the news from the mountain top.  Thanks for reading Frankly speaking!

110freshly shorn frankie!