Frankly speaking......................for Pete's sake, stop the insanity!!!

For my many devoted fans, I must address the craziness currently being spewed all over the internet - it is a timely message with so many events going on this weekend - the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - (I don't get it, why don't they call it the GOAT festival, hello?) Angora Nationals in Ohio - the other angoras, bunny types, not goats, and of course May Day, also known as the Irish Beltaine, Fire Festival - and wench and builders anniversary..... anyway, it has come to my attention that there is a group of crazies putting out that shearing is inhumane. Well, let me tell ya..... get your facts from the SOURCE.  Me. Frankie the Goat.  The Authority.  I have fleece, people don't.  Does getting a haircut hurt people?  NOOOOOO, well it's the same thing for us.  Twice a year, it is necessary and good for us to get sheared.  We like being naked and it's like having a entire new flerd to play with - because we look so totally different!

Each of us has a different fleece.  My fleece is (of course) particularly fine and shiney because I'm so awesome, but like Willis' fleece is so dense it weighs about twice what mine does, even though he is about 1/4 my size.  a real midget.

I let wench know when it's time.  I jump up on the shearing stand and wait.  Sometimes it takes them a day or so to get to me, like they have anything else to do, but, when I say SHEAR they say YES SIR.  hahahah.  I know exactly what to do and am a very good boy.  I stretch out my neck and bow my head, all those things to make it go smoothly.  Some of the youngins jump around and act crazy which can lead to cuts or scrapes, although builder is pretty good with the clippers and wench holds us so we aren't scared.

Wench and builder aren't as young as they used to be, so they shear about 4 goats a day which is all they can handle. but eventually they git r' done.  (did I just say that, oi vey!)

In any event..... lots of news to report, but it'll have to wait - gotta get wench out the door for angora nationals.  I promise... pictures next week of new babies!