Frankly speaking......................slow down, you move too fast

got to make the mornin last?  old song I seem to remember.  A more appropriate theme for us, around here on the mountaintop.  The people that is, not the goats.  Goats have one speed.  Their own.  Unless there is food involved, then all bets are off. Let's see.....................It is time for the first of the month report.  I contributed 20% toward a blend of fibers recently made into yarn (laceweight) which has been nicely received for it's luxurious properties.  This started a little something going on in wench's head (not again) that there should be a fiber co-operative around here, where farmers could contribute toward a blend which would make a unique and local yarn.

We are working on a logo, business plan, etc. to make a fiber mill here a reality, along with the ten billion other projects we have.  So, be on the lookout for some new announcements, probably this fall.

In the meantime, and as the full moon comes about again, we welcome new litters of bunnies.  Clems Bronwen (lilac tort french angora) x AC Angus (black tort, french angora [and her son]) produced a litter of mostly torts, with a pearl or two in there on the 29th of May.  This is line breeding at it's height, so we'll see what comes of these little ones.  No two headed rabbits, don't worry.  There are seven all together.  Momma Bronwen is pretty particular and very protective.  She didn't like the nestbox she was provided, so she made it clear and flipped the box over spilling the babies all over the wire.  Wench zip tied the box to the cage, but that didn't stop her, she chewed through the zippy and did it again.  Once the kits were deposited in the nestbox she wanted, all was right with the world (according to Bron - what a diva).

On a sad note, Clems Lennox, American Chinchilla doe extraordinaire, delivered a healthy litter of six, a few not quite right and then she laid down and died right there.  Len was a great doe, raising some satin angoras for aunt June a while back, and so her kits were farmed out - two to Amanda, two to Hesper and two to Bronwen.  Won't Bron be surprised when they come out of the nest.  They are already twice the size of her own.

Speaking of babies, our goat babies are doing well, growing up and will soon get their first haircut.

Sapphire - although we are calling her bluebell these days

In a day or so, wench is driving up to NY to see our staff photographer.  She is going to be back on Saturday or Sunday, and then will go up again in a few weeks when she can stay a little longer.

In May, our enhanced fleece was displayed at the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival and everyone there had a good time.  It seems as Geronimo will be saying good bye this month, which will make me sad.  Moondancer and Klondike will be put up for sale too.  Wish we lived on a thousand acres so everyone who is born here never had to leave. sniff.

So, a mid-month report in June maybe, but until then - thanks for reading Frankly speaking!