Mountain Top Farms
Mountain Top Farms
Featuring heritage breed rabbits

In farming, diversity is key.  Here on the Mountain Top, we have several ways to help you. 

In 2009, Don and Deb Clemens retired from busy careers in upstate New York and moved to North Carolina.  Seeking a milder climate, they retired to the mountains of Alleghany County with the thought of raising a few bunnies and making some yarn from a few pet angora goats.

Hobby farmers while in Northern New York, they downsized a bit - sold the horses, cows and pigs and moved here with 9 goats, 8 sheep, 18 rabbits, 20 birds, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a tank full of tropical fish.  

Southern Appalachia presented some opportunity, and a quiet retirement was not to be.  Within these pages you will find how the story unfolds and how it is being written.  

Take a look -

Mountain Top Farm - Offering home processed rabbit to the end consumer, or processed under inspection to the discriminating Chef, please visit our on line store or give us a call to order.   We also  are offering American Chinchilla rabbits for show and breeding stock.  

We also carry a small herd of   Champagne d'argent and commercial New Zealand white and black.  This way, when a kit needs to be fostered to another mom (for whatever reason) there is never a chance to miswrite the pedigree.  Our does are quite happy to raise a bunny of a different breed!

Mountain Top Fibers - offering English, French, Giant and Satin angora rabbits for show or breeding stock, as well as the occasional goat for sale, luxury yarns and rovings.  Appearing at fiber festivals and other venues in the North Carolina/Virginia region, with occasional forays into far-away locations! 

Blue Ridge Fiberworks - a partner in this artisan cooperative, helping the farmer and the business owner to build their business

Of course, take a look at Frankly Speaking - the farm journal from a goats eye view.  Frankie, our first angora goat, tells it like it is, from his perspective - and we must let him be heard.  The goal of this website is to give us an opportunity to tell you about things Frankie would rather not talk about.

Enjoy your visit.