Frankly speaking.....who's fooling whom?

Good morning and Happy first day of the month!  April fools day is a great day for several reasons - the best of which is Spring has pretty much arrived here in North Carolina - oh, we may have a chilly day here and there - we had a couple of 30 degree nights recently, but, for the most part - this is it, winter is over!  Soon our coats will come off (spring shearing) and the grass will green up and grow, all that happy stuff.  I'm looking forward to it. Spring also brings the show season for the bunnies.  As I previously reported, Bronwen went to Hickory in January and took a Best in Show.  This year, wench took some rabbits down to the Dalton, GA show - Mutiara went and did very well.  She is one of our more elderly does, being almost 5 years old, but still lovely in her show coat:

Clems Mutiara

She  didn't want to go to more shows this season; she is already granded, so while it's fun to travel once in a while, the grueling road show of the spring season is better left to the younger buns, so Mutiara will stay home and keep the rest of the buns in line while the youngsters go to the shows.  At Greensboro, here's a photo of Windchaser's Daisy, who earned her first "leg" toward her grand championship there.  In this shot, she is chatting with her neighbor, Windchaser's Peppermint Patty. (owned by Aunt June)  Seems the girls discovered they both were born at Windchaser Angoras!  what a small world.  This weekend, Patty's brother Schroeder will be coming to live here.

Hey, do you know Melanie and Joe?  YOU DO? I do too!  wow - what a small world!

Next up, Shelby, NC for the Gaston County Triple show.  This is just a day trip.  Here, DJ's Toblerone will get a try at the Satin Angora table, see if he's ready for Nationals.  The pointed satin does, Tolinka and Sparkle are arguing about who will go to this show - with all these breeds to show, choices have to be made - so two french, two satins and two giants are all the spaces available.  Well, in addition to the American Chins for Shelby.

After that, Powhatan's Festival of Fiber near Richmond will be April 25th, but no bunnies are going to that.  Angora Nationals are in Ohio on May 1st, then Got to be NC festival on May 15 through 17; then Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival at the end of May.   phew!  I don't expect to see too much of wench in May.

These Satin Angoras may be for sale at Middle Tennessee.  Two are already spoken for, and of course wench will decide who stays here, we're thinking a chin will need to stay:

Clems Razzle-Dazzle had a litter of 7 agoutis.  Dad was a chestnut buck who now lives in Grassy Creek, NC.  These guys were his parting shot!

Probably around mid-May there will be 11 angoras bred.  This will take most of the adults out of the show lineup for fall.  It may be that bucks are the only ones getting shown for the fall season.  We are REALLY hoping Julianna decides to have some babies.

But ENOUGH about rabbits.  Lets talk serious here - GOATS are so much more important.  We said so long to an old friend this month - Faith - went to live with Tim and Joyce down on Route 18.  She was a little confused, and I'm sure she didn't understand, but it is for her own good, even though we miss her terribly (she could be cranky) there will be no more babies for Faithy.  She has a big pasture now and two boyfriends who can do no harm (they're fixed), and wench can catch a glimpse of her whenever she goes to Sparta.

Faith getting a ride to her new home.  WE MISS YOU

Here are some random snapshots of the flerd for your enjoyment:

Hurry up with the grain, will ya wench?  Its hard to get good help.

and of course, the baby shots:

Hope with Neptune and Hera

Still sleepy

Beautiful Carmella

me and my bud, Geronimo

These photos are only the random shots taken by wench throughout the month.  We have a nice collection done by the staff phtographer (Dan of Forty6 Photography) but AS USUAL, wench is technically-challenged and can't figure out how to get them onto this page.  sigh.  One of these days she might figure it out.  Until then, you'll have to be satisfied with my regular beautiful face, because let's face it ... there is no bad picture of frankie.