Frankly speaking.......................lion or lamb... you decide

Frankly speaking.......................lion or lamb... you decide

Mother nature has a warped sense of humor.  We retired to North Carolina because the weather was more suitable to goats - or at least that's what they promised... and we have been cooped up in the barn for more than two days at a time this winter due to cold or snow or wet or just yuk.  ENOUGH.  I'm glad I don't live in Boston, but still. I suppose I shouldn't complain.  We have our hay delivered and clean water and grain twice a day.  Now, if we can get mother nature trained as well as we've trained that wench...


Geronimo enjoying his full hay rack

In other news, all the babies are doing well.  Neptune and Hera are slow growing, but then Hope, their momma, is really  working hard to raise them right.

hey, gimme a boost ma!

This is the last set of babies for Hope... she is retiring this year, and will join her kids Pinky and Gary up in Pennsylvania to live her life out in luxury.  Faith will be moving down the road to this really cool place that has goats on the roof of the shed.  She met her new parents, Tim and Joyce, the other day and really likes them, so let's hope she likes her new brothers, too.  There are two other goats there, both wethers, so she can be the queen.


peek a boo!

We were glad to see Sarah and the kids over the weekend, it's always such a treat when they visit...


Amelia really loves us, and even loves the baby chicks - who, by the way, were living in the people barn due to the cold, but now are in the garage, getting ready to transition into the chicken coop probably the first part of May...


Wench is getting ready to go to Dalton, GA for a big rabbit show.  This will be Daisy's debut show and Mutiara's last show.  The weather (again) has not been too cooperative for growing angora coats, so Mutiara has the prettiest coat up there.  She will be the french ambassador, with Daisy representing the giants and Sparkle the Satin angoras.  Apollo is going as the only Satin satin, and then there is the trio of American Chins:  Zelda, Hey Jude and Lady Madonna.  Wench will get opinions on Jude and Madonna, and see if they stay in the show string or if they retire early.  Funny thing with those American Chins.... they develop slowly, so a not so great junior could be a spectacular intermediate or senior.  Just look at Zelda... she was about first off the table at convention and now she's doing just fine.

Looks like today's weather will keep us in the barn again today.  I know that wench has some torture in store for us - I saw the hoof trimmers out the other day.  always something.

Well, that's the report !  Three months in a row, and I'm in the first week of the month!! who says you can't teach an old goat new tricks?  social media? piece of cake!  thanks for reading Frankly speaking.... til next time