Frankly speaking.......a rose by any other name

Hi everyone!  Well, here it is the first of the month and AS PROMISED, a new post.  New Years resolutions being what they are (a joke) and all, I can handle it!  Let's see..... what happened since last time?  Oh, we have babies! Mae's babies, Jupiter and Venus are growing like weeds, out with the flerd every day and fitting in.  Little Venus has a set of lungs, let me tellya, and hollers for her grain just like the rest of us.

Venus and Jupiter

Hope's babies, Neptune and Hera, are very frisky.  They went outside yesterday for the entire day for the first time and were pooped when they came back in, but they've started nibbling on grain, too.

Neptune and Hera

Gracie's baby, Moondance, is the newest addition.  He was waiting for wench to get back from Virginia before he made his debut.  He's doing well and Gracie is a good momma.

January 2015 153

Wench was in Virginia visiting with Aunt Patty and Uncle Gary and family, and then visited with Melanie and Joe Hultman, where she brought home the newest addition to the farm (well, the second newest, if you count goats and rabbits in the same census.  I usually don't, just because).  Windchaser's Daisy is a giant angora doe and she is fitting right in!

January 2015 144

where am I?

Giant angoras produce a giant amount of wool, which comes in three different ways, which was explained to me by wench one day, but I was hardly paying attention and falling asleep (she does this to me a LOT)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAanyway.  So, Daisy (the bunny) had a name (which is Daisy) when she came here.  Daisy is a fine name, but we already have a Daisy.  She is a sheep.

Daisy on the right Nigel on the left (clowns to the left of me, jokers on the right... here I am, you know the rest) Nigel kinda looks like a clown, eh?

so, now we will have to differentiate between Daisy the BUNNY and Daisy the SHEEP.  Owell.  She better never bring home a rabbit named Frank. That's all I know.

So, that's what's been happening around here this month.  Oh, yeah, Clems Bronwen took BEST IN SHOW at the Hickory New Year's Show.  She was quite full of herself.  She sent her two daughters, Mikimoto and Barouque to Mocksville to that show, and Mikimoto got her 3rd leg, so she can retire now.

Mikimoto on the left, Baroque on the right

Bronwen and Julianna are going to PaSRBA next weekend, with Sparkle and Flash, the pointed satin angoras, and Miranda and Zelda, the American Chins.  Good thing for Gracie and Moondance their big day was this week, or wench would have had to stay home.

That's all the news so far - I'll see you again on the first of March!  till then - thanks for reading Frankly Speaking!

hey mom, how about a ride?