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Frankly speaking ..... it's a new year .... new leaf?

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

So, I know I've made excuses before - about my lack of communication on a regular basis, so I'll make no excuses this time.  Let's just say that I've been a slacker and call it a day.  It is 2015 and I'm turning over a new leaf.  I will try to report more regularly, if I can get wench to settle down and take direction from me (she's a tad difficult in that department). Since my last report, which seems 100 years ago, I can say there has been some news... let's see..... oh, yeah, wench went to Texas to the 2014 ARBA National convention.  Our team did ok.  The boys, Manoah and Mr. Red were both disqualified because their nerves got to them and they lost weight on the trip, so, lesson learned:  only take the tubby rabbits on a long road trip.  By the time you get there, their weight should be perfect.  Not so much for wench.  Even though she's tubby to start with, she doesn't lose an ounce.

Clems Tolinka took 2nd place in the White Satin Angora doe class, and Clems Ember took 2nd place in the Colored Senior buck class.   Ember is a nice buck.  His dad is Smokey Lonesome, previously of this farm, but his mom is unpedigreed.  She is pure-bred french angora, but the paperwork never made its way here, so, his lineage is in question.  It's ok, we love him anyway.

At the New Years rabbit show, Clems Bronwen took Best in Show, so wench was pretty happy with that.  IMG_0521  We have to work so hard to make that wench happy.  gawd. we should get extra grain for that.

On the goat front, last year's kids have all gone to new homes, except Willis, who will stay on and become herd sire next year.  Geronimo will soon be looking for a new job I fear.  Valentine and Brooks left this week.



Carmella continues to grow and be beautiful and is fitting in just great with the flerd.


In other bunny news, Julianna was bred (again) and on day 35 - way overdue - wench found her to be in labor.  She took Julianna to the house and deposited her in the bathtub with nest box available.


Julianna will go to the vet this morning to make sure her one baby is all there is (he didn't make it) and perhaps she'll do some more shows this winter and try again in the spring. sigh. always sad when we lose one.

We lost a goat baby this winter, too.  Faith brought forth Mars, and then she didn't have any milk.  He lived two days before anyone figured out that Faith is over the whole motherhood thing.  She will be retiring this year and may be going to live in Pennsylvania with her neice and nephew, Gary and Pinky.  She can still make fleece but shouldn't be making babies anymore.

On a happier note, my sister Mae had twins.  Cutie patooties Venus and Jupiter:

Venus and Jupiter

On the Smidge front, she continues to grow (two cans of fancy feast DAILY plus 8 to 10 oz of kitten chow and all the mice you can eat) and terrorize the barn.  She thinks the dog's tail is her personal cat toy

IMG_0507 and she sneaks around outside and is just generally a bundle of energy!  She makes me tired the way she plays all day.

what's going on in there?

We, on the other hand, are happy to sun bathe and eat most of the day, growing fleece and hanging out.

a flerd at rest tends to stay at rest

but of course, you DO have to investigate in case a tourist is about and they have cookies


So anywho,  I promise to try to do better.  I'd like get an intern around here - someone to do the social media and keep me in touch with the outside world - sometimes I feel like a cloistered monk - and wench gets busy and won't take dictation when I get the creative juice flowing (a trick I understand she used to pull all the time with that other Frank).  ahhh.  a goat can only do so much.

I digress - in any event - have a great start to your new year, and be looking for a post from me at least once a month... and thanks for reading Frankly speaking!