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Frankly speaking........................good news, bad news

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

Just a quick note, I'm very busy these days getting ready to send Wench and the team to Texas.  They are going to Fort Worth on Wednesday to attend the 91st Annual American Rabbit Breeders Convention. On the show team this year..... Mr. Red, a red satin buck who has been busy munching his frosted mini wheats and is now up to weight.  Clems Manoah, sr. American Chinchilla buck, also doing the mini wheat things - it is a well known fact around here that the MALEs have a hard time maintaining their weight (this goes for the people as well as the animals) and the females have the opposite problem.  Clems Miranda was going to go to convention (she is an American Chin junior doe) but she topped the scales at 10 lb. (1 lb over the max for a junior) so she's staying home and another junior is going in her place.  We are sending three select American Chin does for sale there.

On the angora front, OS Kastanje is attending, a senior copper Satin Angora doe, who is looking just lovely.  Clems Tolinka, a pointed white sr. satin angora doe is also going.  On the french side, it's a toss up.  Either Clems Ember (who is entered) is going if his coat doesn't fall off, or Avillons's Casse Noir will take his place if Ember's coat blows in the next day or so.  Both of these boys are sons of Smokey Lonesome.

So, anyway, good news/bad news department.  Wench went to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair yesterday.  She attended most of the goat show.  They have a wether class.  Guess who might be going to SAFF next year?  oi vey.  Just give me the ribbon.  You know I've already won.

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I am a legend in my own mind. Thanks for reading Frankly Speaking.  I'll post pictures and a big update after wench gets back with her report.