Frankly speaking... just call me a one armed paper hanger

Seems to me that the word "busy" is a relative term.  Some folks are busy when they have to go to the dentist and the grocery store all in the same day.  Some just take on too much.  A lot of this can be blamed on always trying to please everyone.  I'm glad that I have the job I do and just get to tell people what to do to best serve me. Don't get me wrong, I'm busy, for sure, but nothing compared to my human caretakers.  holy mackeral.

As previously reported, builder has taken a part time job at Lowes.  This cuts into his building time.  A LOT.  So the progress on my suite of stalls has been slow. Good thing we live in the south, because it's not an urgent issue to get in before the big snows, because, well... we don't have many of those.  In any event, it's coming along and will be lovely I'm sure and  I'll post a picture when it is done.

Wench on the other hand, has been working toward building the business, selling breeding stock, contacting the yarn shops, doing farmers markets and craft fairs, and getting ready to go to Texas for the ARBA convention at the end of October.  I see her breeze through the barn a couple of times a day, bringing hay, feed and water, (thus the name Wench) but she doesn't spend the time sitting and stroking my cheek and giving me the admiration I so deserve because she is just too busy.  She is not complaining, I am.

I'm hoping we can get a little more on line presence so maybe she can stay home and take care of me better.  Oh, the basics are met - and exceeded - food, clothing, shelter, but the admiration is lacking a little.    ok, enough complaining

In other news, Smidge continues to grow, always getting in the way - she got stepped on yesterday and has a swollen foot.  We're keeping an eye on it, though to make sure it isn't broken.  She should stay up on her perch and not get in the way, ya know?


The babies continue to grow, now weaned fully from their mommas, our does are enjoying the peace and quiet, and the babes are bonding.  Here is a butt shot for your entertainment:

051 in case you aren't sure, that's Carm on the left, then Willis, Brooks and Valentine.  That Brooks is getting to be a big boy.  He may be going to live in Grassy Creek, but if not, then he will be up for sale.


Speaking of sales, look for our products for the last time at Fiber Day in October (17th) at the Independence Farmers Market.  After that we will be participating in the on line market.  Our yarns are available locally at Unwound in Blowing Rock, NC, Purl's Emporium in Asheville, NC, the Wooly Jumper in Floyd, VA as well as here at the farm.  You can always shoot an email to wench ( to see what's available.  Our lovely fingering weight yarn made from mohair and angora with added merino, is a big hit with weavers and knitters alike.

This weekend coming up, wench will be at the Floyd Art show with some of our stuff.  Stop on by and say hey.

So friends, the people in my life can continue to be so busy busy busy... me too.  I'll be busy doing what I do best:

061laying in the sunshine on our little mountain, growing my fleece for your enjoyment.  Till next time!  kiss kiss.