Frankly speaking....... updates abound

Well, where has the summer gone?  Seems like yesterday we were welcoming the new kids on the block - Valentine, Jett, Garbo, Willis, Brooks and Dunn..... and now, we are saying goodbye.  

This week, Dunn went to live over at Critter Capers by Raleigh, to be a herd sire.  We are sad to see him go, but the cruel facts are that we can't keep everyone.... also, Jett and June are going to live in Pipers Gap near Galax, tomorrow.  I can't imagine my poor sister Annie when she has to say goodbye.  On Wednesday, Garbo is going to Tennessee, and then Caramella will be coming home to the mountain.  I promise pictures of her when she arrives.   Brooks will be going to live in Grassy Creek soon, and Valentine and Willis are staying here.  So, with the addition of Caramella, we'll be up two goats.  I'm afraid next year it will be time for Geronimo to find a new job, and for Willis to become our daddy.

Speaking of pictures, you may have noticed that my posts of late (which, I admit have been few) are lacking in the photo department.  Well, wench got a new phone (an iphone) and she is having a bit of trouble transferring the pictures to the computer.  I swear.... nevermind.  So last week, Dan from Forty6 Photography came to stay a while and he tried to help out the old feeble techno-phobe, but I'm not sure it worked too well.  We did get a few older pics off the phone, so I can introduce you, at least, to our new member of the farm:


We actually got a mountain lion:  heeeeeerrreee's SMIDGE

I'm really not that scarey

It's Hunter s fault... he found her in the woods and she followed him home.  She was covered in fleas and her eyes were all goop-y and infected, etc.  so wench took her to the vet and got her fixed right up, and now she is queen of the barn.  Only about 1-1/2 lbs., she is gonna be a smidgen of a cat, (thus the name) and she tears up and down the three flights of stairs all day long.  She even tries to play with us, and seeing as we are afraid of mountain lions, it is rather un-nerving.


Anyway, wench is going to New York next week and hopefully we will have a new bunch of photos to share courtesy of our staff photographer, Dan, once his editing magic is done.  He took my portrait, which shows the beautiful carolina blue sky, and the angle is so perfect, my fleece doesn't even make me look fat!

untitled shoot-041-2

Til next time... thanks for reading Frankly speaking!