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Frankly speaking....................I've been quiet until now

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

Where, you ask, has Frankie been?  My last post was around Christmastime, and it is SO unlike me to be un-opinionated or quiet or not OUT there spewing my goatiness to all my fans.  Well, I'll tell you: 1)  It is winter.  A time for reflection and rest, to gather steam for spring and plan the garden, etc.  This year, we have had winter.  Call it global warming, climate change, what-ever............ it is usually 60 and sunny here by February but this year we actually have been locked up in the barn a few days due to inclement weather.  I go a little stir crazy, so, I was just hanging out banging my head on the stall door (it's a goat thing) and builder got annoyed.  He threw me outside in the snow so I could cool off.  NOT FUNNY BUILDER.  It was cold, and so deep, it came right up to my belleh.  ugh.

2)  It is winter.  Builder has been unable to build in the cold, so our barn is a little behind schedule.  Oh, he's closing in on it, but the fun stuff, the moving of the goats, rabbits and reconfiguring of space has been delayed.  When there is a nice day, he is hard at work, putting up siding, etc., but most of the time these days I hear he has been in the garage building rabbit cages.  Some of our cages have been in use since before I was born, so new ones are necessary.

3)  It is winter.  Wench has been scheming.  Moving  cages and stalls in her brain, coming up with new marketing strategies, trying to do things she has not been trained for... like for example - we have a need to expand this blog and add more pages, one for each breed of rabbit, etc., and an e-commerce store for our products, and wench is not an internet sensation by any means.  So, she flounders around trying this and that, when what she should do is... oh, never mind.  I always complain about her but really, she's trying so you can't fault her for that.  She'll get it right one day.

In the meantime, there is news to report, although not many pictures.  I really need to get the photo department on the ball, and I promise, there will be a photo array of all the progress SOON.  Yesterday, we met Glimmer.  She is a 4 month old copper (standard) Satin doe (rabbit).  She traveled from Ohio to be here with us, and she will go to the North Carolina state rabbit convention next month to get some experience in the show ring.  Once she is old enough to have babies, she will join the satin angora program or the meat program, or both, OR, if we can find her a suitable mate, perhaps she'll start her own program.

The day before yesterday, we met Valentine!  007isn't she sweet?  She is the daughter of Miss Mae and Geronimo.  She reminds me of Annie when she was a baby, but now, Annie is ready to bring forth her own baby.  In any event, Valentine spent her first night in the house with wench and builder because she didn't quite get the whole nursing thing, but now she's fine and her and her momma are bonding.

There needs to be photos to go with the changes that have been made, so I'll get the publicity department on that right away and get a new post put together today or tomorrow, I promise.

Thanks for waiting for this issue of Frankly speaking.............................. I'll be back