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Frankly speaking.......I've got some frankiesense and mhyrr

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

I sincerely wish you a merry christmas.

Not really, but 'tis the season to be thinking about frankinsence and all that jazz, so I thought it would be good to have FRANKIE SENSE which is just good old fashioned common sense, because as we all know, I tell it like it is, right?

It's been a while since my last post and I can't believe where the time flies off to!  Now it is four days before Christmas and am I ready?  Well, yes, I am ready because I'm a goat, and we are always ready for anything.  Christmas around here usually means a box of frosted mini wheats to share.  yummy!

I hear tell that wench got a microscope for the big holiday and so now we will be subjected to examinations all the time.  I just hope that she will allow us to volunteer the samples instead of trying to remove them with a scope or something. ick.     It's not a bad thing, though..... it'll be good to know we are healthy and only get de-wormer when we need it.

There's really not too much going on around here.  We are waiting for the blessed events to occur, which should be happening around February or March, so, as the old saying goes, Christmas is coming and the goat is getting fat.  or the goose, I can't remember.  In any event Miss Mae, Hope, Faith, Annie and Greta are expecting for sure.  We are not so sure about Gracie, but she could surprise us.  We could double the size of the herd by the end of March. YOWZA.

Builder continues to build, and this week the siding is going on the front and sides of the barn.  He's looking for flourescent light fixtures for the bunny barn and there are cages everywhere!  Once those wabbits are out of our space, we can move in and I'm looking forward to the new address.   Him and the wench went to the metal fabricator last week and invented a poop shoot so the rabbits will have a way to dispose of their droppings without flinging it out the side of the barn. which would be. gross.  anyway, I digress.

Wench has been cooking a lot, I guess they have a lot of parties to go to this time of the year.  Just so long as they don't forget to take care of US. which they won't.  Actually she's not in the barn all day which is OK by me.  I like her and everything, but sometimes she is just in the way of what a goat wants to do, ya know?

Miss Mae waiting for her feedbaby June is growing up... soon she'll have another couple of brothers or sisters or one of each!Hope is looking a little better.  She gets double and sometimes triple rations because she is rather frailand Geronimo?  he just knows he is all that and a bag of chipsthe whole gang says MERRY CHRISTMAS.