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Frankly speaking....... photos and shameless self-promotion

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

Hey there frankie fans..... (maybe we should start a fan club, eh?) my last post was rather plain, and I promised new photos of the progress on the new house, er... barn, so here it is. First, however, I have to share some news!  As you know, the wench likes the sell the shirt off my back, and she does this at various places like farmers markets and craft shows, etc.  Well, starting right now, you can get the products offered from the Mountain Top at the Independence Farmers Market ON LINE!  How cool is that???!!??  Here's the link:  http://independencefarmersmarket.locallygrown.net/market  check it out!

Today, November 9th, wench and Aunt June are over at the Fancy Gap Elementary School hawking their wares at the Christmas Bazaar.   At the end of November, right after Thanksgiving, there is a special farmers market in Independence, so they will be set up there as well, AND you can find my yarns at Wooly Jumper in Floyd, VA and at the Fiber Artisans Studio in West Jefferson, NC.  We do get around.  One of these days she will bring me, frankie, the star of this show, to visit the folks who actually buy my shirts.  but in the meantime, I'm taking care of the flerd here.

Speaking of taking care of the flerd, Geronimo (the horndog) had a little difficulty this week.  I TOLD him not to be eating those oak leaves like a piglet because they are toxic to goats.  However did he listen??? no.  he never does.  I also told him it was not a good idea to breed daisy the sheep, but he had to try it.  Anyway, he pigged out and got a giant case of the soupy poopies.  Man, it wasn't fun being around him.  Wench gave him 2 oz of mineral oil and a shot of dura-pen and he seems to be coming out of it, but he was a stinky mess for a couple of days - even more so than the natural odor emanated by a billy goat this time of year.  The oak trees are in the pasture, and the leaves blow down when they die and a couple are ok, but not a lot.  Maybe builder will cut down all the oaks when he makes more huts.

So now, without further adieu, here is the regular progress shot of the barn:

hickory sided.  all cut from our own forest!

pretty impressive, eh?

a close up of the front door

and here is the a shot of the upstairs:


and the third floor:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand so, you see, we really will have a tree house of epic proportions!  a skyscraper barn.

In other news, the guineas have been re-located in Phase I of the big move.  They are adjacent now to the greenhouse, and they don't quite get it.  Oh, they know where their food is, but are not quite sure they want to actually move in.  Tell ya what, I don't miss their squawking  in the barn.    We have a new resident french angora buck, his name is Mick Jagger.  So I think I'll name his babies after Rolling Stones' songs - Clems Satisfaction; Clems Hot Licks, you get the idea... Moonshadow's babies are getting irish names - (he's a Celtic Hare buck) Kerry Megan, Malachi, Fiona, Bronwen, etc.  Oh, and Moonshadow got his own wine this week.  Here's the photo we used for the label:


It's called Moonshadow's Shine Wine.  It has moonshine in it and is a dessert wine.  It must be the year of the rabbit around here - last years wines were named for us goats.  the year before it was the dogs.  this year it's the rabbits.  Buttons got his own wine, too.   owell, it doesn't take too much to amuse those two, wench and builder.

Ok, gotta get ready to start the day, it's almost 6 AM and wench will be down soon to feed us so she can go hawk her wares.  or my wares that she stole from me.

Thanks for reading frankly speaking - let me know what you think about the fan club idea (I think it's brilliant)

kissy kissy!