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Frankly speaking....................settle down, settle in, settled. period

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

Well, it's been a while since my last update.  It's been biz-zee around here.  The wench went to Harrisburg, PA, in mid-October for the 90th annual ARBA convention, and she took Julianna, Lillianna and Bronwen for frenchies, and Momma Cass for the American Chinchilla side of the equation.  Samson went too, but not to show, just to be a part of the Youth Contest and then he went home with our friend Melissa to have a hot date with her American Chin doe Dela.


Speaking of hot dates, Geronimo is being an obnoxious teenage boy.  You'd think he had a death wish the way he has been behaving.  I've heard of going both ways, but this guy goes ALL ways.  First he bred all the angora goat does.  twice.  then he started chasing ME around.  I kept hiding in the barn to get away from him (this is the both ways part).  Then, the other day, I caught him trying to breed DAISY, the sheep!  Nigel was not impressed.  Either was Wench.  Either was daisy.  hahahah


But hopefully things will settle down here now as winter approaches.  It's 45 degrees today, which is perfect weather.  If you are a goat.


Sorry, no pictures this time.  I just wanted to bring you all up to date so you didn't think I'd fallen off the earth.  We are fine, just trying to keep away from the adolescent billy goat in his quest to breed everything in sight. What's next, the trees?


I promise to get some pictures of the progress on the barn. It's pretty impressive.  Thanks for stopping by!