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Frankly speaking.................kids say the darndest things

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

Conversation overheard in the barn last night: Moose:  it feels GOOD to be nekkid

Moose - feeling pretty free!

July:  I got a little cut, now my face is all purple where I rubbed it on my cut (sniff, sniff)

July, big baby.  stays close to his momma

Hans:  Well, among the three of us, I've got a set - you other two look like GIRLS so you better watch out, because I'm the toughest!

Hans.  He's the big man now, but wait a week.  He'll be going in to see the doc and then we'll see who's so tough

June:  hey, cut it out.  I want to know what they DO with all that fiber after they put it in the bag

June, the mediator

Ahh yes, it's shearing time, and these little virgins had their first clip.  They jumped around and carried on and were quite surprised to see themselves all shaved, so, Uncle Frankie had to tell them the facts of life.  Yes, virginia, that wench sells the shirt right off your back.  They use that fur to make YARN so people can knit it all together and make sweaters.  really.  seriously.  why don't they just grow their own fiber like us?

Of course Geronimo, the horndog, had to make sure the girls were all the same girls, because, gee, he mighta missed somebody (NOT).

look to the left...

and then to the right.  where all the white women at?

wait.  do I know you? you look different with your clothes off



Nigel was not amused when Daisy came home naked.  He kept beating on her to the point where wench had to referee the grain time.  That'll teach her.  Nigel is a once a year sheep, Daisy gets sheared twice because she is awesome and grows so much fleece.


Soon, all of our coats will go to Echoview Fiber Mill down in Weaverville, NC to be made into products like rovings and yarns and then those will get sold and the money will buy our hay for next year and the cycle continues.  Ahh, the circle of life.

just a little goat porn... naked frankie

As always, thanks for reading Frankly speaking.  Wench and builders kids are all coming today, so we'll have some great new pics!