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Frankly speaking.......love is in the air

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

and so, your spokesgoat is looking for other things to do.  As you all know, I have no role in the breeding around here, and that is why I am such a good Chief Executive Goat.  No hormones to cloud my decision making.  SO, I thought I'd share a post with y'all to bring you up to date.  

Geronimo is getting a little stinky; he takes his job seriously and the girls seem to like him, too.   I don't concern myself with such things until the babies start coming, then I have just so much to do around here.  Job security I suppose.  In any event...


Recently, we have had some changes.  Pinky and Gary went to live with our friend Charlotte; and the three boys born this year have now found a home.  Moose, July and Hans will be moving to Pilot Mountain NC to live with a very nice fiber artist who I interviewed yesterday.  They will be going to the doctor for their snip snips, and the shearing team will do their thing, and then in November we'll be saying adieu.  I'll be sure to get some pictures.  Here are two of those boys hanging out by the barn.

Hans and Frans (actually it's July)

Builder is building, the roof is on now and I'll get some pictures later on this week; yesterday momma bear came to see us with her cub; but she didn't come in the barn, was just passing through.  No pictures of that.

Wench has been readying the rabbits for the big convention in October.  Hopefully we'll get some nice comments.   Probably two or three french angoras, one or two satin angoras and one American Chin will go represent the Mountain Top in Harrisburg.   Wench has also been attending some fiber fairs, selling the shirt off my back because she does that sort of thing.  We were lucky to receive a photo this week of the artwork made with our products.   Just look at this basket made with our rug yarn by talented artist Karen Carney

Isn't this cool?


Here's the litter of Satin Angoras, first ones born here..... that chin buck is a keeper.  Builder named him Skeeter, but we need to come up with something a little more regal for this guy:

skeeter and the gang

ok, that's the quick news.  I know no post would be complete without a picture of my lovely face, and so, I say... thanks for reading Frankly speaking:

till next time!