Frankly speaking......... where did July go?

Ok, so here it is AUGUST the 16th.  I can't believe it.  Where did the summer go? oh, wait.  we didn't really HAVE summer here, just Monsoon Season!  Good thing we live on a mountain top.  We have had ten times the normal amount of rain so far this summer.  Builder, of course has been building, but not an ark (although that might be a good thing actually).  

We have had a lot happening here.  We have experienced some real heartache here - first we lost our 22 year old cat Eve.  If I may indulge myself a tad, no one ever eulogizes an animal, so let me start:

Eve Maguire Johnson Clemens, arrived to live with wench as a kitten, after being rescued by that Maguire guy I never met.  By the time wench went to live with her dad (the first Clem), Eve was expecting.  She had two kittens who did not live, but adopted two abandoned kittens thereafter.  Eve loved to hunt. and sleep. and eat, especially 9 lives cat food and Hollywood Stars liver treats for dogs (and special cats).  Eve lived first in Verona, then Rome, then Lowville and then Ennice, NC.  She loved her family and was a good kitty.  She was predeceased by Tigger, her friend and companion, and many other kitties and dogs.  She left to cross the rainbow bridge at the age of 22, a good life for a cat.


Then we lost our girlfriend Rapunzel.

Rapunzel Johnson Clemens was rescued by wench as a pup in 1999.  It was love at first sight all the way around, with Dan and wench and punzie.  Punzie was a party girl and loved when Dan had a party at the house, especially when Rome PD showed up.  Punzie also loved Emily White who lived next door, and she and Emily would have conversations through the hedges when Em was just a little girl.  Punzie loved to hunt, too and would put a muskrat UP A TREE and then wait there all day for it to come down.  Once she killed a guinea when she channeled her inner wolf, and got hollered at.  She never did that again.  Punzie loved to eat Mary Kay hand creme when she was a puppy, only trying to help wench's business so she'd have to place another order.  She was predeceased by Lizzie, who I vaguely remember, and Eve, her favorite cat.  I think Eve was waiting for Punzie to cross over that rainbow bridge together.  There is so much more to say about Rapunzel, she was such a great dog, but, I just can't talk about it that much.  We miss her a lot. She was 15 when she passed away, a shadow of her former self, but loved so much.


In between, our own Glory went to the rainbow bridge as well.  She was fine one day, sic the next.  Doctor said it was listeriosis which is a bacterial thing (like tetanus) in the ground.  Some goats are fine with it, some aren't.  We didn't want her to suffer, so made the hard decision.  Her brother Gary was broken hearted.


To cheer Gary up, we sent him on a mission.  He and his full sister Pinky went to Pennsylvania to live with our friend Charlotte.  Gary is very protective of Pinks, so that's a good job for him.  We wish them godspeed, and good fiberations for Charlotte!


so, enough sad.  Now on to the building part.  Here is the progress of the building - in between raindrops that builder gets a lot done in a day!


same shot as last time

as you can see it's coming right along...

2nd story (half story on the pasture side)

view from the 2nd floor

view from the third floor

mushroom garden down below


so, enough about that.  We have baby bunnies!  A litter of Satin angoras, a litter of French angoras and three bunnies from Layla x Moonshadow.  These guys are keepers - and so I present:

Clems Bronwen (a blue tort) doe

Clems Malachi (blue) buck


Clems Kerry Megan (a blue pointed) doe

of course anyone who grew up with wench knows WHY she would name a blue point Kerry Megan - it's Irish, first of all, and Kerry Turner and Megan Miller were like the coolest people in Blue Point who were Irish and not Italian... ok, so it gets complicated.  hahahah

In any event, rabbits come and rabbits go, but goats go on forever.  and we have the cutest goats.


how can you ask for cuter than that?

Gracie's fleecey head... so beautiful

Greta.  Not named for Garbo, but coulda been she's so pretty!

and then, we also have TALENTED goats.  How many goats can do the goat dance?

cha cha cha Geronimo

and then of course there is me. Frankie.  I am the CEG and spokes goat of Mountain Top Fibers.  I am thinking of writing a series of children's books, explaining life as I see it.   The working title of the first book is  Frankly speaking... corn doesn't grow in a can!  what do you think,.... good idea?

see ya!

and thanks for reading Frankly speaking!