Frankly speaking..................what a difference a week makes!

As I previously reported, we are currently under expansion here on the Mountain Top.  Builder has been busy doing what he loves to do - build.  I posted this picture last week: site of the start of phase 3 of the barn

and so, about a week later and viola!:


same site, one week later

this will be the area for the rabbit does.  Underneath this area is the man cave:

man cave - cement mixer area

I hope to post progress once a week here so you can follow what is going on.  In the meantime, builder continues to drop trees so that he doesn't run out of lumber.  Some of these guys are pretty big, so he calls his friend Junior Bear (who is beginning to be my favorite visitor... every time he visits we get tree tops) and they dump a few over so builder has wood, we have food and the pasture has sunshine in order to grow grass

trees are fallen!

Wench, in the meantime, is busy making rabbit cages to hold fryers... 11' long, with five cages in each section.  The area where we are now will be taken over by these cages and we'll move into the cool basement where the does are now.  Confused? join the club.  I can't keep up with these two - always changing things, building stuff, moving it around, yada yada -- owell, I'm glad I'm a goat and all I have to do is be awesome.

new trees to eat!

ok, gotta jet - there are trees down!  Thanks for reading Frankly speaking - see you next week!