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Frankly speaking....................a spokesgoats work is never done

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

This afternoon I had a talk with Nigel, just to make sure his broken heart was mending... consoling Nigel

and he assured me that he was ok.  Not too happy with that FarmGirl for cutting off his ramparts, but still, he is able to deal.

So, I get back to the barn, and what do I find in my stall? another note.  For a little background, you must know that we are babysitting Abbotts Rabbits for a couple of weeks.  There are two Jersey Woolies, one lionhead and nine french angoras, three of whom came from here, and one satin angora.  We are currently at full occupancy!

anywho, here is the note:

Dear Frankie,  I would like to lodge a complaint about the service at this spa.  I understand that you are the Chief Executive Goat around here and as such am in charge of things.  The brochure was not representative of the accommodations.  For instance - I have been on a (sort of)  hunger strike since arriving.  No one has begged me to eat, tempted me with yogurt covered raisins or put a mint on my pillow or a towel shaped like a duck on my bed.  Sheesh!  What kind of a place IS this?  Can you please speak to that haywench and get her to pay attention to me?  After all, my parents, Todd and June, promised me that I would have just as much fun as they were having on their cruise, and I can say unequivocally that I am not.  However, it is pretty cool seeing all my bunny buds from when I used to live here.  Anything you can do to step up the service around here would be appreciated.  Sincerely, MaryKay Abbott (nee: Clemens), representative at large, Abbotts Rabbits.


Jiminy Cricket on a stick.  Can't I catch a break?  I did speak to the wench about her performance and she promised to do better. (not really).  here is my reply:

Dear Mary Kay,   You are a rabbit.  Not a goat, or even a dog or cat.  Goats are the most important animal on the earth, and especially at this barn.  I spoke to the wench, but don't hold your breath.  She is too busy attending to my needs to pay you much mind.  If I were you, I'd suck it up because your parents will be home in a week or two and then you can go back to Mt. Airy where you are the queen of the place and even the dogs are small by comparison - you don't have goats to compete with, and that, in a nutshell is the crux of your problem.  Frankly speaking, you are barking up the wrong tree.  (can rabbits bark?)  Sincerely, Frankie - CEG Mountain Top Fibers

Now, back to relaxing in the sunshine.

the 'gang' hanging out in the sun

We may be having some babies soon.  I think Mae is going to be first, then Faith, then Hope.  Annie, I think, has escaped this round.

I need a nap.  I work too hard.  Thanks for reading Frankly speaking!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA