Frankly's an unveiling of epic proportions

Well, I know you've all been anxiously awaiting the unveiling of my official portrait as Chief Executive Goat of Mountain Top Fibers, and the staff photographer, Dan Johnson of Forty6 Photography in New York was on site last week to take some publicity shots. Oh, wait.  You were really waiting for the baby goats pictures?  SHEESH! well, ok... here you go.

Miss Mae had twins on Saturday, March 2nd.  Wench was down at Echoview Fiber Mill learning about mohair and the like, and builder told her when she got home that it was looking pretty close for ole' Miss Mae.  So, she went down and checked and viola!  twins.  One boy and one girl.  June and July (get it, Mae, June and July?)


Then, on Sunday, March 3rd, Faith had twins around 6 PM.  Two boys.  Unfortunately, one of the boys didn't make it, so the twin that survived is named Hans Solo.  We'll call him Hans for short


On Monday evening, March 4th, JUST when the official photog was arriving at the farm for our visit, Hope brought forth twins as well.  In all the confusion, the little girl got stepped upon, so she had to go to the vet for some healing medicine.  She'll be just fine, and her name is Pinky and her brother is Moose



So, you can see, we've been busy around here.  The official photog followed us around like papparazzi one day, but most of the time he just hung out with his mom, the wench.  It was great having him here, because she left us alone most of the time, just coming down to feed us!

Now, I know you've been waiting for this next shot, so, without further adeiux, here it is - my official CEG portrait!

revel in it. and thanks for reading Frankly speaking

Frankie the GoatCEG Mountain Top Fibers