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Frankly speaking..............your timing couldn't be worse!

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

You know me, I tell it like it is.  The "shearing team" finally got their act together this week and decided it was time to remove some fleece.  The fun part of this is that we got to choose our new "do" this year.  I decided to go for the 50's do-wop look, like Frankie Avalon or something; Mae went for the alpaca look, and Annie decided on the Chinese Crested dog look:


So far, all of the babies are sheared together with myself, Mae and Annie.  Here are a couple of the babes - before:

and after:


Daisy will be next.  Hope, Faith and Stinkbomb,er... I mean NORMAN, will be last because he stinks and has other things on his mind right now.


The babies all went to my old stall in the rabbit barn because once their coats came off it got cold and rainy here.  They can't go outside all nekkid, so they are hanging out together getting weaned and enjoying some baby time.  Gary, the tiny boy in the picture with Gracie, is going up to Ken & Sarah's place for a couple of months, later on this week, so he can try to breed Nora.  Nora came here last year, but Norman wasn't interested in her - he only dates the girls who are tall enough to be supermodels, not the itty bitties.  Anywho, he'll stay up there for a few breeding cycles and see if he can't have some jollies with little Nora. Then he's coming home to get NEUTERED and begin his studies with me, as spokesgoat underling.  I will teach him all I know, just like a master and a grasshopper.


Geronimo has to be locked up these days, too, because he's trying to beat Norman's time with the ladies and Norman is getting annoyed.  He even had the nerve to come after ME of all things, so I'm staying out of his way until everyone is bred and things calm down a little bit around here.  It's very cozy and warm in the barn now that the builder put up the storm windows - no drafts, and the wench just keeps bringing the food and clean water, so, who could ask for more?  Here's a hint for you, though... if you think your water is getting a little stale, just POOP in it and viola! the wench cleans out the bucket and brings you fresh water.  She grumbles a little bit, but it's actually pretty funny.  I do this often just for my own entertainment.  Of course don't do it unless someone is there to clean the bucket, because if you get thirsty when no one is around, it's not very appetizing to .. oh, never mind. Well, back to my nap.  That's all the news that's fit to print right now... thanks for reading Frankly speaking.