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Frankly speaking.................who's a hot steamy mess?

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

NORMAN, I tell you... is a mess.


you see, with the cooler weather comes breeding season.  Being the spokesgoat, I am not bothered by this type of thing.  But Norman, poor guy, is having a hard time.

He has a job to do and he is focused.  He is a gentlemen (pretty much) and even stays out of the way of the wench who has a healthy respect for the buck and his job.

Geronimo is watching all this and trying to emulate his dad. without much success.  the girls treat him like he's a fly or something... get away gnat!

notice the new salt block in the barn... yum-o a sulfa salt block.  gives me a focus when Norman is so busy these days.

In bunny news, we have a new buck in the barn.  His name is Point Dexter.  He comes from east of Raleigh, NC and will be debuting at the Pennsylvania state convention for his show career, or maybe sooner if his coat grows back in quickly

meanwhile, Queen Julianna is relaxing in her new, bigger cage

she is waiting to get registered and then granded, then her coat will come off and she'll have a date with Point Dexter.  The naming venue for his babies may be crime show characters (Dexter, get it?) so we could have Lennie Briscoe, Jessica Rabbit, those types of names.   He had a date with Julianna's sister Lillianna earlier this week, so we'll see if anything comes of that.

We are still waiting for the shearing team (builder & wench) but they seem to be pre-occupied with things important to people - can't imagine anything more important than your goats, but WHATEVER... hopefully it'll be soon, I'd like the opportunity to grow a little fleece before the cold weather sets in. gawd, it's hard to get good help around here.

ok, enough complaining.  I'll talk to you soon --- and thanks for reading Frankly Speaking.