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Frankly Speaking................................Happy Trails my friend

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

Well, I knew this day was coming, but I wasn't looking forward to it.    I knew that my friend Norman had applied for a job up in West Virginia, working at the Grinlow farm, where there are a few nice does and a lot of pasture..... and today he got selected as their new herdsire, and decided to leave us, his buds, in his dust.  

I hope you have a great life and find your peace out there Normie..... we'll miss you.  However, I won't miss you pounding on me during breeding season.  I thought we had an understanding, but... we did get caught up together in my stall one day this week (don't ask) and I took a beating.  Not. funny. norman.  But, now that you're gone, I can be the chief goat again and pffft to you.  That wasn't very nice, was it?  sorry.

Norman got all spiffed up for his 3 hour car ride.  He selected the "lion-head" for his new do at shearing:


and he had his nails done and his de-wormer, so he's in good shape now. Geronimo, much to his relief, has been let out of his stall so now he doesn't have to cry all day like the baby he is.  Of course, he is trying to breed all the girls (who are probably already bred) even his MOTHER.  What does THAT make him?

(a perv, I'm tellin ya).

In any event.  I promised the big reveal of the latest in goat hair dos - and so................without further adieu................

I give you

and from the side:

Faith decided on the friesian goat look:


and then, of course, our token sheep, Daisy, decided on the holstein motif:

Nigel will get shorn in the spring, because he's a Jacob and they only are shorn once a year. Daisy is a goat wannabe, so she gets shorn twice a year with us goats.

So, that's the news for this weekend.  We will miss you Normie, but you did leave behind some pretty nice babies!

So, as usual, thanks for reading Frankly speaking