Frankly speaking........................girls just wanna have fun


Well, the last time I posted, we were poised for the great sheep exchange.  One of the people involved got ill, so we've postponed the exchange for another day.  I'll be sure to introduce you to Nigel when he gets here.

In other news, some of the 'girls' have been getting in a little bit of trouble.  Annie, my half sister, has this annoying habit of shimminging under the fence and helping herself to the other side of the fence.  She's giving us a bad name.  So, Annie gets to go outside in the morning, but when she gets bored and lets herself out, she goes to GOAT JAIL.

ImageAnnie, looking contrite (yeah, right)

and there she stays, for the rest of the day.  This routine won't continue for long, I understand, because the builder plans to move the fence and give us a bigger place to play.  First he has to rent a backhoe and move some dirt around and all that, and as usual, I'm sure it will be great when it's done, but for now, there are some places in the fence that are not too secure for the littler of us.  Just this morning, Marty Thunderbolt, one of our ewe lambs, got out, and she was so scared, that when the wench came to rescue her, she ran right over and forgot to play hard to get or catch me if you can!  We try to keep her on her toes, that wench, and not be too compliant.

The babies, Gracie, Glory, Greta, Gary and Geronimo are doing well, growing fast and getting strong; they go out to play almost every day.  Mae and Annie had a talk the other day, and afterwards Mae slipped under the fence and was in the feed bin having a blast.  It was almost like Annie gave her some tips and pointers on how to escape.  You see, Mae, Annie and I all have one thing in common.  Our sainted mother, rest her soul, APRIL.  She taught us all well, as she was the ultimate queen of the escape.  WE miss you momma!



 speaking of cute babies, thought you'd like to see my baby picture:



Well, that's it for this edition of Frankly speaking.  I'll get some updated pictures of the new babies and get them posted for you, although I'm sure you'd rather have pictures of me, because let's face it:  I am awesome.  Thanks for reading Frankly speaking - see you next time!