Frankly Speaking ...... the sheep exchange program.

Today we have visitors coming to the farm.  Some pretty talented fiber folk are coming to see me, Frank the Goat, because they know how awesome I am. 

Normally we don't make too many changes around here because the wench gets attached to the critters, but an opportunity has arisen for the farm. 

Maya, one of our beautiful black ewes, is going on an exchange program.  She will be moving out to Kernersville, NC to enhance the herd of artist Laura Frazier, and in exchange, Nigel, a wether (like me!) will be coming here.  He has creamy colored wool, and that is the reason for the exchange.  Here, saying so long is :

Maya Image

It almost looks like she is not excited about this prospect and is saying "kiss my ..." in this photo, doesn't it?  I know it can be scary, because she was born into this flerd and has never been anywhere but with us, but, she will make a good ambassador because she has a great personality and is a nice sheep.  She might even get the chance to have babies, which so far isn't happening here, because we have no ram.   We are sort of short on space around here, so we take the opportunity to have more GOATS instead of more sheep, because, well, let's face it, goats are much cooler than sheep. just sayin.

Anyway, I'm looking forwarding to meeting Nigel later today and will post his photo in my next post.

In other news, Clems Smokin Opie, french angora buck, went to live in Virginia last month.  As his parting shot, he made some babies with CT Layla, our pointed french doe, and they were born yesterday - lookin like five new angoras on the planet.  Opie is the dad of some of our nicest angoras, and so he went to work somewhere else, leaving his legacy to his two sons who are now here, Clems Chang (pointed white) and Clems Brice (smoked pearl).  As previously reported, Smokey Lonesome & Clems Mutiara's litter is also here, and they seem to be doing well. 

Well, gotta get preened up for my fans later today, so.... thanks for reading Frankly speaking.  I'll blog at you again in a few days!