Frankly speaking.................. it must be spring!

I realize I have been lax in my posting here; but it's been busy.  On my last post, Faith was in labor, and viola! twins... Greta and Grace


Then, on Friday, the 23rd, Hope brought forth Glory and Gary


Then, the last of the mohicans was born to Miss Mae, so his name is Geronimo



Everyone is healthy and happy, and so the herd size is doubled now.  I suppose I will have to take care of the boys in about six months, because they'll all go to the boys pasture from about July til November or December when it's breeding time again...

This morning, Clems Mutiara had a litter of five french angoras with Smokey Lonesome. 

Image This is Smokey Lonesome. 

Image This is Mutiara (that means Pearl in Maylaysian...) Both parents are granded, so we are hoping this will be a nice litter.  One is dark like dad and the rest are lighter colored.

In other news, I thought you'd enjoy seeing the other critters of the farm.  We are home to some Melatonic Mutant Pheasants.  We are waiting for eggs, but so far no luck:


We have some more bunnies due to be born in the next couple of weeks.  I'll keep you posted on everyone's progress.  Thanks for reading Frankly speaking...