Frankly speaking....... baby fever

So, now that I'm all healed up and back to my beautiful self, we've had some stuff going on here at the farm.  First of all, the wench and the builder got a new person in their life, a baby girl born to Sarah Jean (I like her) and Ken (he's ok too) named Amelia Elizabeth Caron.  She was born on Thursday, March 15th, and all the people got pretty excited.  Yeah, well, another person around to adore me is always ok.  BUT, as I write this, Faith is in labor.  So, there will be MORE new kids on the block.

While the wench was waiting for Faith to decide to come into the barn to labor, she was cutting off Annie's coat with a sissors.  You'd a thought she was cutting her to pieces, not just taking off her hair!  I guess it is pretty scary the first time you get sheared, but I'm an old hand at it now, so when it's my turn, I'll give it up without a problem.


We enjoyed some carrots this afternoon, so thought I'd share some pictures of me, Miss Mae and Norman - we ARE the original three amigos. 



That's Norman on the left, Mae in the middle and me on the right.  Aren't we shiny!?



I had just told the others a joke, and Norman was laughing in this picture.


OK, enough for now - I'll keep you posted on the baby arrivals around here... and as always, thanks for reading Frankly speaking!