Frankly speaking ...... some bunny is pretty excited

Thank you for all the cards and letters inquiring as to my health; I am healing up nicely, thank you... the cloud is beginning to lift from my eye and soon I'll be just as handsome as ever (was there any doubt?)

ImageMy Portrait.  I know.  I know.  I'm awesome.

Anyway, this past weekend, the wench took a few of the angora bunnies and went to the North Carolina State Rabbit convention.  The girls reported back this morning that they did ok; they were cramped in their carriers from Friday until Sunday, and handled by Judges, poked at by strangers and generally adored and admired, and Lillianna may have earned her grand champion status.  If that's the case, then she can retire and have babies instead of going to shows.  Here they are getting ready for the big weekend:


That Eva is such a ham.  Lillianna is hiding next to Creme Brulee, and Obsidian is on the right.  Judges had nice things to say about them. Once the whole grand champion thing is finalized and official, we will add her to the Mountain Top Fibers Hall of fame.  First we have to get the Hall of Fame up and running. hahahah. 


Three American Chinchillas went to the show too, and Rockstar and Anne Hibbins earned their championships, as well.  We do appreciate the American Chins here at Mountain Top Fibers, even though they are not fiber animals, they "technically" are meat rabbits and so the line is drawn between fiber and meat, and no one would ever think to eat a goat around here.  Good thing.


The beautiful North Carolina sun is shining today and we are all outside playing on the mountain, having a good time and growing our fiber. 


I'll check back with you later this week.  Thanks for reading Frankly Speaking.  I know how you all look forward to these little missives.