ARGGH tis a pirate goat I'll be!

Well, I know I promised you some pictures, but there has been some excitement around here lately.  As you know, the barn does revolve around me and if for any reason I'm not at the top of my game, the world stops.  

Last week I started to get a twitch in my eye, like something wasn't just right.  Mom (a/k/a the hay wench, it just doesn't feel right calling her 'mom' after all, April was my real mom) flushed my eye with warm water for a couple of days but then it really started to hurt.  It got runny and pretty swollen and so today, the wench called the vet.


It could be two things, so they wanted to take a look at my eye.  Dad (who I will now call "the builder" because he is always building something, usually a barn for me to live in) brought down the CR-v.  (it's a good thing they didn't try to make me ride in that crummy old van) and the wench got out the frosted mini wheats, trying to entice me into the back, where there were towels and hay and other things to make me comfortable.  Of course I played hard to get.  Pretty soon the builder came and helped me into the back of the CR-v and off we went to town.


I caused quite the stir at the Twin Oaks Veterinary Hospital.  All of the ladies came over to ooh and aah about what a beautiful and handsome goat I am (we knew that).  One guy thought I was a dog.  The wench told him I was a horned dog.  She thinks she's funny.


In any event, they gave me a shot and some ointment for my eye, and even though I wanted an eye patch, I didn't get one. But, I thought you'd like to see me with the patch on anyway!!!


and so, now I have to have two more shots and ointment in my eye twice a day.  I should be good as new soon.   I'll keep you posted!