Frankly speaking

My career as a fiber goat has been enjoyable so far, but I think it is time to expand my horizons just a little, and so I've decided to take up blogging about farm life.  I hope that my many fans will continue to inquire as to my health and happiness, and now there is a way for y'all (I'm a southern goat now) to keep up with what's happenin with Clems Critters. 


For those who don't know me or are not personally acquainted, a little background:  I was born at the Warm and Wooly farm in Verona, NY and came to live with the Clemens' when I was about six months old.  I have been the undisputed king of the farm ever since.  I was named Frankie because I have the most amazing blue eyes.  There is also someone else in mom's life named Frank, so when I am an old goat, they will continue to call me Frankie after him (I have not had the pleasure of meeting that other Frank).  There are other goats, who I will introduce you to as this blog progresses, oh, and sheep, too, and angora rabbits.  You'll get to meet them all as we go along, but just remember, it's all about me. Frankie.  I'm the king of the farm.  and don't forget it. okay?


Anyway, we all moved to North Carolina in 2010 when mom and dad retired, and it has been an adventure.  Now we are all working for Mountain Top Fibers and our fleeces are being made into yarn and everything! pretty exciting stuff.


I am hoping to report periodically to bring everyone up to date about what goes on at the farm.  If you look at the avatar on the left, that's me, in cartoon form, in the middle.  I AM the balancing factor of this place. Everything revolves around me.  Just so we're straight on that fact. 


Gotta jet.  It's time for me to eat and that is a pretty important part of the day.  I'll get some pictures of the crew (and of me, of course) and put them up later today!  Thanks for reading Frankly speaking.