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Frankly speaking.................hemp, hemp, horray!

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

Ok, so, as you know, I'm a goat.  A special goat to be sure, but still, as a goat, I'm limited as to my options with regard to world politics and economic impact studies, etc.  My world pretty much revolves around a couple of people, a bunch of goats and rabbits, and food.  I appreciate that I live in a beautiful world in a nice safe barn with lots of good food and people that love me.  I understand that there are starving goats in Biafra (or that's what they tell me when I don't want to eat my dinner, which hardly ever happens) but good news is good news, and I just heard some. I heard that North Carolina, where we live, has just legalized industrial hemp.  Now, I'm not too sure what that is, but I'm pretty sure this is good for North Carolina and for small farmers.  Big hemp farms are not expected to spring up every place, but the hemp folks are interested in small farms and farmers.  We like small farms and farmers.   I wonder if the hemp plant is good for goats to eat?  Do you think it would make our fleece even lovelier?  (hard to imagine)  I know that hemp is used to make cloth, which means some of the industrial mills might be coming back. HOW EXCITING.  We really want a fiber mill in the neighborhood, so we can promote locale yarns and fibers, and this might just be a stepping stone.

So that's just a little snippet of my opinion for this post.  In the news department, little Warbucks is doing great, bouncing all over being a cutie patootie, but it's been raining so we don't let him outside to play.  We heard of the passing of our old friend Faith, and we are sad about that.  She was a great goat and we've missed her since she went to live at the Mansfields house.  Now Faith and Hope are together again, in goat heaven.  They gave us our start and we are grateful.

a flerd at rest tends to stay at rest

This is not the best photo of faith that we have, but as USUAL, my technically-challenged wench can't find the right photo.  I don't know what to do about her.... she needs help.

Lots of new stuff on the horizon... be looking for an announcement soon regarding retailing of our yarns - which is pretty exciting stuff.  Also, wench is looking into a trailer for us so maybe we could go to shows.... I hear SAFF is quite improved and expanding, so we might have to send representatives in future years.  Of course the most use of the trailer will be for the meat rabbit side of the business, which also is exploding and growing by leaps and bounds.  That's one reason I've been rather quiet on this blog of late - it's hard to pin down that wench and get her to do any typing.  My hooves do not do well on a keyboard, and I am reduced to dictation.  She doesn't do that well.  It's a throwback to her former career.  Speaking of which, that OTHER Frank had a birthday the other day, and wench was happy to catch up on the phone with the Judge.  Makes her thankful for her former career and her new career.  She tries not to compare the Frankies in her life, but sometimes, especially around November 1st, it just can't be helped.

Thanks for reading, Frankly speaking.... I'll try to keep you updated if I can catch that wench and make her do my work!

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