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Frankly speaking..... wha keen? I'm not amused

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

Hey everyone, Frankie here, reporting from INSIDE the barn where I've been for the past week, with just one day outside and maybe a few hours here and there, seeing some daylight.  The rains we have been experiencing I guess are miniscule in comparison to what might be coming, compliments of Hurricane Joaquin.  Wench was supposed to be selling the shirt off my back at the Floyd Art Festival this weekend, but it has been cancelled due to the threat of flood. So, here we are, being amused by the antics of Smidge and Rockstar.  I must say these two really play nice together.

Rockstar enjoying his freedom


In any event... once we are treated to the Rockstar/Smidge show, we settle down to munch on hay and grow our fleece.  Which, I hear tell will be coming off soon.  Wench has a new hot water tank, so she plans to wash the fleeces herself before they go off to the mill.

Neptune and Hera are missing their mom (Hope) but their level of cute just doesn't quit, and wench has been sneaking them extra cookies every morning.

where's the cookies?

So, not a lot going on right now, except....... if you write a draft of your blog post, and then leave it for 19 days, a lot happens in that time frame.  My secretary (wench) does not take direction very well (as the previous frank will tell you, but he's retired now, so we don't hear from him much... ah-hem) and so, trying to get her to publish a blog posting is like pulling teeth.  but I digress

In the past 19 days, the weather has straightened up, with the rain anyway, but it got COLD brrr.rrr.rr!  So, of course, what happens when it gets really really cold around here?  Of course the shearing team kicks it into high gear and off comes our coats!

I did ok, actually it was  relief to get all that hair off of me, but the smaller does, like Carmella and Gracie were shivering!  It's nice out now, even reaching up to 65 or 70 during the day, so no worries, we will be fine.

Also, Annie had a little one.  A baby boy (her third boy in three years) and we are trying to figure out a name.  Spot and star have been thrown out there, but we are looking for something a little more original.  Like how much more original can FRANK get?  hello?   Pictures will be forthcoming on the facebook page of the new little guy.

Didn't want to keep you hanging out there... it's been about 7 weeks since my last post and I hate falling behind.  When wench was more active as a Mary Kay consultant, she would make this list daily called "the six most important things to do today" which kept her on track.  We need to reinstitute this list making idea.  The first thing on the list every single day will be.........................feed your goat!


till next time!