Frankly fest and farm test!

Well, last week was farm fest in Mt. Airy, NC, better known as Mayberry USA.  It began on Friday night with the tractor parade.  I sent the wench and the builder to scope it out, because they needed to set up our display for Saturday's doins.  However, they got there a little late and only saw the kids riding their tractors.  Pretty cute from all accounts, but, it's hard to get good help around here, ya know?  

So, in concert with wench, I selected two goats to represent the farm, and two rabbits.  We sent Greta and Gracie for the goat reps and Dexter and Atticus for the rabbit reps.  Ember had originally been the choice, but, he matted up his butt and had to be cut back, so Atticus stood in for him, and no one knew the difference because they are both black french angoras and represented the breed rather well.


Greta and Gracie were awoken at 7:00 a.m., a full hour prior to their regular breakfast call.  They got new pink and purple collars and leashes (we don't need no stinkin' leashes) and were promised a big adventure!

Greta and Gracie's big adventure

They weren't afraid to tell me that they breathed a big sigh of relief when they drove PAST the Mt. Airy Stockyards and onto Aunt June and Uncle Todd's house, to pick up Mishi, Data and Sky - oh, and Aunt June, too! (they have been promoted to Aunt and Uncle status because I have selected them, and I make all the big decisions around here)


So, they got there around 8:30 and spent the day being gawked, poked, prodded and stared at, everyone calling them SHEEP, which isn't as bad as being an alpaca and being called a llama, which I understand happened a lot that day...


So Wench and Aunt June had fun, met a ton of people and sold some stuff, farm products and quilt raffle tickets, and made plans to do a few more shows.


The farm "test" noted above is some gastric troubles moving through the bunny barn.  All shows have been put on hold until we get a handle on it (the handle is really on it, we just want to make sure) and so you won't be seeing us at rabbit shows for a while.  Just as well, wench needs to get to work doing fairs and craft shows and quit trying to ride the coat tails of the rabbits around here.  After all, she drives the limo to get them, but after that, they do all the work, right?


So, although I love to show my picture on this blog because I'm just so awesome, it IS spring and I think some spring stuff is in order.  Here are some blooming onion flowers that came from the bulbs our friend Joyce Seaman sent to us... aren't they pretty?  I bet they are also tasty, but wench won't let me try them. boo hoo.


So, my next post will be all about the big expansion that is going on around here.  Builder has been busy! (what's new?) Gotta get some pictures, you'll be amazed!  Thanks for reading Frankly speaking...................

kissy kissy!