Frankly speaking............................I AM large and in charge!

Large.  In Charge.  Me.  Frankie.  Got it? at least until the wench gets home..... gotta tell my fans about my week!!!!  You see, the wench and the builder will be married ten years on the beltaine, (May 1st for you non-heathens) so, to celebrate, they went to the coast for a getaway.  I can't imagine wanting to get away from your goats, but, WHAT-EVER, away they went.

Remember when we were watching Abbotts Rabbitts and that silly Mary Kay thought the service was sub-par? well.  payback, being what it is, June (of abbotts rabbitts) was kind enough to stay here for four whole days and take care of everyone!

June's rabbitts are just a tad bit spoiled, so we figured it would be easy to get away with stuff.  We all talked it over and, although the rabbits didn't want to go along with my plan,  I just had to challenge her on her first day and did we ever have some fun!  Eventually all of the goats and the two goat wannabes went to the right places, because let's face it, we come in to the barn for two reasons: either it's raining, or it's dinnertime.   or someone is in there - and we have to see what's going on - because they may have a treat or a snack, or nevermind, I digress.

On the second day I think June found it a little easier because her confidence was up.  To prove a point I think, she had the shepherd's crook in her hand when I came in.  I knew she wouldn't use it, so I came in the wrong door, went into every stall, wagged my tail and gave her a bit of a tude, and THEN, when it was looking like I had her right where I wanted her....., she walked away and pulled out the  grain.  It was over.   I couldn't play anymore, I had to eat.  Don't want to be wasting away you know.

I must say, we enjoyed having June here.  Rapunzel and Hunter love June, and you know what they say about dogs..... they are a good judge of character.  Except Hunter. He loves anyone who will throw the ball or go for a walk or feed him or lay down on the couch for a nap and accept a big black dog as a covering; or drive by in a golf cart and give him a ride on his personal trolley; but Rapunzel is a hard sell, and she took to June like the wench wasn't even gone.  Says something important.  Of course Rapunzel is getting up there in years and she could have just thought June was the wench, so, it could have been dog-heimers or something, but still, they both love June and we value their opinions.

Rapunzel & Hunter

In any event..... THANKS JUNE for being such a good babysitter.  Please feel free to put "Farmhand Extraordinaire" on your resume, and use me, Frank the Goat, CEG Mountain Top Fibers, as a personal reference.

There is other news in the making, our first craft show, who will attend, our shearing has been completed, babies are growing, bunnies expanding, never a dull moment.  But for now, thanks for reading Frankly speaking.  See ya next time!