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Frankly speaking......... the Carolina sunshine is pretty nice!

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

Please forgive me for being rather reclusive lately, but it's been busy here.  We are growing our fleeces in anticipation of shearing in March, and enjoying the Carolina sun on most days. the 'gang' hanging out in the sun

On days like today we are happy to be living here in the south instead of up in the frozen tundra where they had a ton of snow lately.  We spent A LOT of time in the barn when we lived in New York, but here, we get to hang out in the sunshine!


So, in the news department, we have some new bunnies in 'da hood..... and so I present:

Fuzzibutt's That's So Raven

isn't she beautiful?  This is a Satin Angora doe.  Our friend June has a buck she's going to be meeting when she grows up a little, and in the meantime she'll do some shows and get to know the rest of the gang.  We are calling her Ruby because she just looks like a ruby, all shiney and red and everything....

Mutiara and Brice's litter of two have been weaned and taken their place in the rabbitry, they are one buck and one doe, and very very cute.  Their names will be Tish and Tosh



The litter of pointeds is also weaned and put in their own cages, two by two... these guys will go on to other homes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA so if you are looking to add some pointed frenchies to your herd, speak up.

We are very happy to have CHANG back in the barn... he's been up in Pennsylvania working and came back this past weekend, not wearing his coat


We offered him a straw filled nest box to hang out in if it got cold, but he seems to be just fine without a coat or anything.  He is our traveling ambassador, he's worked in several other places, but we are always glad to have him home...

We figure new goat kids will be getting here in the next six weeks or so... the girls are looking pretty rotund


not daisy, she's just a heifer wannabe.  But see Hope in the middle and Faith behind her?  ya, that's what I'm talkin about... twins I'm thinkin.......

Oh, and an executive decision I've made since I became the CEG:  the rabbit part of the farm has had a change of name.  From this point forward, it will be known as Mountain Top Rabbitry.  So, all the rabbits live at Mountain Top Rabbitry, and some work for Mountain Top Fibers.

Making these decisions makes me tired.  So, until next time, thanks for reading Frankly speaking...