Frankly is pretty important to a goat

I would like to dispel a common misconception right off the get go.  Goats don't eat tin cans.  Never, ever ever! Goats have rather delicate digestive systems as a matter of fact, and a sudden change in food can give us in-di-gestion which calls for pepto bismol, which gives us pink goat lips, which.... it's better not to even go there in the first place.

In any event, around here, we eat pretty good, which is evidenced by the girth most of us carry around.  The builder is trying to seed the pasture for us, so, he takes three or four bales of hay and puts them out on the terraces and then it is our job to pick through, eat the hay that is not seed worthy, fertilize the rest, and generally just have a good time.



ImageDid you happen to notice that Geronimo has less hair than the last time we posted his picture?  He done got shorn just in case he goes to SAAF for the angora goat show (the shearing date was 8/1).  He is also learning to act like a gentleman and not a crazy goat, by having his supper in the shearing stand almost every night where the wench and the builder handle him a lot and poke at him to desensitize him to people a little bit; he doesn't mind...


Gracie and Greta have a little creep feeder outside their pen with their momma because Faith is a pig.. er, excuse me I guess that isn't very polite, but it is TRUE


In other news, you know that Smokey Lonesome went to live at Avillion Farm down in Western North Carolina, and so now we are interviewing for his replacement.  We have already on the buck staff: GW's Duckie, a pointed white buck, Clem's Brice, a pearl buck and HH Hugh Humphries, a tort buck, but a solid colored buck is our next acquisition.  Here is one candidate which we are thinking might be IT:


Isn't he cute?  He's only 5 weeks old, so we're pretty sure he's a buck.  Son of Duckie and Creme Brulee.  He's cute all right, but not as cute as me!


Thanks for reading Frankly Speaking...............until next time!