Frankly speaking....................................pass the 'bone suckin sauce' please

Hey, remember that tree that the builder cut down for us on July 19th? Well, there's nothin but BONES left I tell ya!


So, it's time for the builder to cut down another tree..... meanwhile, the hillside pasture over on the other side of the barn, is pretty lush, so Faith, Greta and Gracie got a chance to go over there today.


Today the temperature in the mountains is only 79 degrees.  That is a relief!  We've had some pretty high temps around here, which makes it difficult for angoras, both goats and rabbits.  Most of the rabbits are cut down for the summer, but there are a few who need to maintain their hollywood facade for the upcoming show season. Like this girl:


Julianna had a chance to have a litter this spring, but passed it by, so she's going back to the show ring.  When she was a little bunny she was given an honorable mention for Best in Show, and now that she is a full grown beauty, we are working hard to keep her weight in check.  Her sister, Lillianna, is already a retired grand champion, and her sister from another litter, Eva, is over weight and struggling at fat camp for rabbits to get back into fighting shape.  She passed on the whole baby thing, too... but has to lose some weight before she can compete again.  Julianna is about 4 or 5 ozs. under the maximum weight limit for a french angora. 


Ok, enough about fat rabbits!  I was enjoying some cheek scritches this afternoon when the wench was outside looking over our tree skeleton...


Well, I heard there will be t-shirts coming soon with my picture on it, so I'll keep you updated when they become available!  Until next time, thanks for reading Frankly Speaking!