Frankly speaking............................YOU'RE FIRED!

Excuse me while I channel my inner Donald:


This week, I had a tough job.  I had to tell the sheep THEY WERE FIRED.  Nigel and Daisy are still here and will become honorary goats, but Katherine, Sasha, Tasha, Terry, Del, Ashley and Marty have all gone to work at a petting zoo over in Mt. Airy.  Which is much better than going to that OTHER place in Mt. Airy known as the stockyard.  A very nice family came with their trailer and took them home on Sunday.  I know the wench is missing them, but let me tell ya, it's a lot quieter around here without all that BAAing going on. 

And now we can concentrate on the real deal around here: GOATS. oh, and honorary goats, too, like Daisy and Nigel.  This all happened because as I previously reported, there have been some executive decisions being made behind the scenes here at Mountain Top Fibers.  With the arrival of five adorable baby goats, came the harsh reality that this farm is only so big and able to support so many of us.   When I sat down with the wench and the builder to discuss all of this, the solution was clear:  we needed to shift the focus of the farm to the luxury market.  Of course that means MOHAIR, not necessarily wool, and ANGORA as well.  Wool, make no mistake, is a necessary commodity, because mohair and angora on their own don't have a lot of memory so some wool is good.   The remainder of last fall's sheep wool and this spring's clip are at the Echoview Fiber Mill being processed, so we'll be reminded of those sheepies again in the form of roving, but once that's gone, it'll be luxury all the way.......angora,mohair  blends, yummy.......

ok, back to growing my fleece for your enjoyment.  That's the update - thanks for reading Frankly Speaking!