Frankly speaking.................thanks to the Vets!

Even though every time I see one, they usually stick me with a needle or poke or prod, I still say thank you to the vet. OH, WAIT a minute... not THAT kind of vet!  - I know, had you going there a minute, didn't I?

Seriously - I am so thankful for the men and women in uniform who write that blank check to all of us.  The wench's dad was a vet, and her nephew Jim is a vet, and many of her friends are vets and so she makes it clear to us all how important they are.  So thank you.  I am glad I live in a free country where my admirers are free to spoil me right rotten, instead of some other country where they eat goats (even beautiful ones).  thankyou thankyou thankyou

In my last report, I told you about the mission we had undertaken.  Clean up the back yard to get ready for the backhoe.  Well, here it is:


the builder rented this baby for a couple of days and it rained a lot, so much that this monster machine couldn't come up the mountain; so now we have it for a few more days.  That builder is also a sculptor, and his medium is clay.  Although not polymer clay or clay for pots or any of that, good old North Carolina red dirt clay.  YOWZA.  He worked really hard to make us our pasture.  There will be new fence going up probably by fall, which will allow us free access to the entire farm almost.  On this flat spot where the machine is right now, he plans to put a wood boiler and a band saw, so he can make lumber to build us playgrounds and stuff.  I KNOW that is his priority, isn't it? 

After he was done, he took a well-deserved snooze on his hammock that the kids got him for his birthday


In other news, the wench went to the rabbit show in Taylorsville and took Obsidian and Andrea and Hugh.  They did ok, but you can tell the end of the season is coming, so Obsidian will most likely lose her coat today and the other two will go to one more show, just to see  what's up.  We have a new red-eyed white french angora doe baby named Sirrus, so she will be growing up here and having babies, too.  She won't go to the show because she wasn't born here, and usually our own breedings are shown, not those bunnies brought in from the outside.  Hugh was an exception this time, because we needed a buck to round out the class, and he was the only one with any coat.  After June 9th, his coat will come off too and then only the juniors will be shown in the fall.  complicated, isn't it?

The goat babies are growing up and playing, very grateful to have that YUCK medicine for coccidia overload done with.  yikes.  Coccidia is necessary to develop their rumen, but it is a delicate balance and when the balance tips the wrong way, it's 4 days of ca-ca medicine.  They run away from the wench when they see her coming.  In a few weeks they'll forget all about it and then they'll appreciate that wench for her cheeck scratches and treats.  She really loves us and it's only right that she does. 


Well, that's it for this edition of Frankly Speaking.  As always, thanks for reading - enjoy your holiday!  I will enjoy mine because I heard a rumor there are some strawberries for breakfast! YUM