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Workshop - Building a Sustainable Seed Community with Ben Cohen

Workshop - Building a Sustainable Seed Community with Ben Cohen


Join us on Sunday, October 8th for this fun, informative and fast paced workshop! Ben Cohen will share seeds and stories while we discuss how to build a stronger and more sustainable seed community. The event is hosted by the Heritage Breeds-Heirloom Seeds Network and will include an heirloom seed swap!

In this workshop we will learn about:

· Basic and Intermediate Seed Saving Techniques - including demonstrations

· Pollination Basics

· Adapting your Varieties for Maximum Success

· The Importance of Genetic Diversity

· Community Seed Sharing

· Making Seed Saving Fun for the Whole Family

1:00-2:00 Heirloom Seed Swap N Sell, sample heirloom vegetables
2:00-4:00 Ben Cohen: Sustainable Seed Community
4:00-4:30 Wrap up

Tickets are $15. 

About our speaker: Ben Cohen is the owner of Small House Farm, a sustainable homestead project in Sanford, MI, where he is an heirloom seed activist and educator. Ben travels the Midwest sharing his passion for gardening and seed saving while also sharing seeds with everyone that he meets! He has helped to open nearly two dozen seed libraries in his home state and has grown seed crops commercially for Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, the Rare Vegetable Seed Consortium and Annie’s Heirloom Seeds.

Ben recently had an article published in Slow Food Cincinnati. Enjoy it here:

To learn more about Ben and his endeavors with Small House LLC, contact:
P: (989) 708-0549

About the host: The Heritage Breeds – Heirloom Seeds Network is composed of Appalachian growers of old-fashioned plants and animals dedicated to promoting self-sustaining farming and providing education, mentoring and access to historical animals and plants. HB-HSN believes that to secure the future of farming, we must train the next generation. At HB-HSN, we "conserve the past to preserve the future". To learn more, visit us at .

Questions about the event? Contact Melissa Casey at or Kate Adkins at

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