Deb Clemens

Frankly speaking..... we are expanding (again) in more ways than one

Deb Clemens

Ok, so in my last post, I was confused about the weather, etc.  I have not gained any clarity yet.  Today is March 21st and we have an inch of snow on the ground.  I don't think that this turned into the snow-nado that was predicted (yet) but the day is young.  I know we won't be going outside in this mess because goats melt when they get wet.  

This better be gone by tomorrow because I am sending wench over to Raleigh to the Carolina Fiber Fest.  This will be her first year as a vendor, so come by and see her, wish her luck, send good karma, etc. 

We have been shorn for the year already, all except for three of the kids (Pete, Petunia and Lazarus) because they are the smallest and the weather being what it is... Ruthie was shorn and had to wear a coat afterwards. Oh, yeah, and the sheep need shearing, too.  Shearing does reveal a lot, though..... my fleece is no longer kid quality (I am almost 10 years old, so, ancient chinese philosopher for a goat) and so now wench thinks she will make dog leashes out of my fiber.  yeah, good luck with that.  Actually, mohair is pretty strong, so it's not a bad idea.  

So, let's take a roll call around here.  We sent a few of our own over to South Carolina (bet they don't have snow) to the Alpaca Experience, as a starter herd for some nice folks.... Willis, Ruby (and her baby) and Libby all went two weeks ago.  I miss my buddy Willy, but we have a LOT of his progeny here.  

#1 - we have FRANKIE.  ME.  The head honcho.  no further explanation is necessary

#2  - we have ANNIE, my sister, herd queen.  No one moves without her permission. So, we're like the king and queen of the mountain.  I like that designation.  

#3 - We have NEPTUNE.  Previously inseparable from his sister Hera, he has recently begun to live the batchelor life, because Hera got it right when she had baby #2. (but I digress.)  Neptune is a wether like me.

#4 - we have BLUEBELLE.  Daughter of Greta.  Bluebelle has a little baby boy, a black with a white star, very cute, who needs a name.

#5 - we have CARMELLA.  Carm looks like she's ready to blow any minute.  This will be her 2nd baby this year.  an overachiever

#6 - we have GRACIE.  Gracie has her baby Starlet by her side right now.  Gracie is the daughter of Faith, one of our founders.

#7 - we have GRETA.  Greta is Gracie's twin sister.  She has a white baby boy by her side right now.  Another over-achiever, she had twins (a blue pinto and a black pinto) who didn't make it last fall.

#8 - we have HERA.  twin of Neptune, the last born of Hope, also one of our founders.  Hera has had two babies.  Pistol Pete, who she was scared of, and her new little black pinto girl, who needs a name, but is getting momma's milk (thank the lord)

#9 - we have PISTOL PETE.  Heir apparent to Willis, spoiled brat, thinks he's special, etc.  We'll see how he matures.

#10 - we have PETUNIA.  Daughter of Carmella.  Now that her momma looks like she's about to give birth again, Petunia was taken away from her mother and she isn't very happy right now.  cries for mommy.

#11 - we have RUTHIE.  Daughter of Annie, born last fall. a badger faced doeling, she's rather shy, but, once she realizes that as the daughter of the queen she is the prince-ass, I'm sure she will come into her own

#12 - we have LAZARUS.  Son of Gracie, also a wether.  He is very small and rather frail, but cute.  He is aptly named because he was brought back to life several times in his young life.  

#13 through 16 - we have babies, only one of whom has a name right now.  Two boys, two girls, all black except one who is all white.  all very cute.  

Builder thinks we have too many goats.  hahahah.  serves him right.  We never figured Carmella for another baby this year, (or anyone else for that matter) but, as is the usual turn of events around here, when a buck leaves, he leaves a legacy.  Willis is no exception.  Annie does not look pregnant, but hey, you never know.

In other expansion news, builder has started digging the foundation for the studio addition.  This is pretty exciting.  

I hear that Hailey, my girlfriend, will be coming to visit in August.  I am so looking forward to seeing her.  Until we meet again, I am sure she is helping her parents with all they do, and being a good girl and not getting into mischief.  RIGHT, HAILEY? 

Until then - thanks for reading Frankly speaking.