Deb Clemens

Frankly speaking..... maybe a new computer will help

Deb Clemens

As my regular readers are fully aware, I complain a lot.  Mostly about my lack of love, treats and adoration by the staff around here, but also about the consistency of this blog and upkeep of the website.  Today I wish to report some progress in that department.

It seems a part of the problem was our hardware, which has been upgraded this week.  Our staff photographer and head of IT came to retrieve Hailey and visit with his mom (wench), and brought us a new (to us) iMac computer and made a recommendation for a new, more powerful router.  These have been installed and perhaps will improve performance around here.  We can only hope.

So, in farm news, the big thing is..... we joined the Chamber of Commerce.  Wow.  I've arrived.  There are benefits to this, and, not that we are advertising for visitors (we are not... we'd love to have my adoring public out to visit, by appointment, but we are not a 'agri-tourism' hot spot, due to bio security concerns, etc., and the fact that it is pretty hard to find us here); but still, a presence in the County that is legitimate is a good thing.

We had my girlfriend Hailey here for the month of July.  She was so sweet and good to me, I miss her already...  here she is giving me a hug.  Parting is such sweet sorrow mon-a-mie .. until we meet again

This past month, not a lot of fiber work was being done, although wench did participate in the 20th annual Alleghany Quilt Guild show and was warmly received.  There is another quilt show in High Point, NC this coming weekend, and we hope to do well there too.  Then we are done until the Murfreesboro, TN rabbit show on labor day weekend.  

Because not a lot of stuff was getting done in July, we are hoping to have someone to take to Murfreesboro, but the angora preparations have been sparse this month. We'll have to see.  We have Champagne d'argents that are anxious to make their debut in Tennesee and a couple of American chins, too.  

I'm hoping to update the web store one of these days, as soon as wench gets organized (so, that would be the 2nd Tuesday of next week, if you get my drift)

Thought you'd like to hear about what I'm thinking, so this is just a quick update.  As always, thanks for reading Frankly speaking!