Frankly speaking .... an ode to the moms

As a goat, I can attest to the wonder of moms -"nanny" goats make great moms - most of the time.   My own sainted mother, April, was an exceptional goat.  Taller than most angoras, she was able to leap tall fences with a single bound.  She had a taste for rabbit chow, or any other food not meant for goats, or that she had to break into somewhere to get. which she did frequently.  She was affectionately known as a 'rascal'.  I miss her.  BUT, I have my sister, Annie who looks a lot like her and has inherited her curiosity - so, I am reminded frequently of my sainted momma April, and her momma, my nanny nanny, Naomi.   I am grateful that, after I came to live with wench and builder, they both came to stay with us, and moved to North Carolina with the crew. If your mom is still with you, make her feel special on her day today.  If she is already in heaven, remember the good times, shed a tear and know she is by your side, in spirit at least.

Wench is excited for mother's day this year.  Dan, (the staff photog) Amber and Hailey (my girlfriend) are here for the day.  They drove all the way from New York to see her for Mother's Day (and to attend a DMB concert, but, we're telling wench it's a mother's day thing) and bring her a bottle of Love My Goat (her favorite, of course).

In farm news, so much is going on!  Builder bought a pick up truck, so we are excited to know he can go get feed when wench is on one of her many trips, and that if we need to go somewhere we have a truck to ride in.  The first thing he did with his truck, is go get sheetrock.  Pretty hard to get that into the del Sol.  hahah. The project du jor is the building of a summer kitchen, sort of, a fiber washing room and produce washing sink which will be a big benefit to the farm.  This is being constructed at the back of the garage.

Builder and wench bought the lot next door, so now the farm encompasses almost 8 acres.  Good thing - we have more work to do, clearing the land of underbrush.  This will be done in short increments on a daily basis (so as not to upset our tummies) and pretty soon, we'll have trees and a safe place to walk, no underbrush !  Of course, we have volunteered to do this, without benefit of the fence, and every day we break out and give the people a sample of what magic we can accomplish.  anyway.  This lot goes right to the river, so pretty soon we'll have goats in boats.  right. picture that.  Here we are, hard at work:


This is the show season for wench, so this past weekend was Powhatan Festival of Fiber.  What a great time!  Our fiber is out there, and the folks LIKE it.

There is an additional enterprise going on regarding our fleeces, but that's for another post.  I need more photos of some of our collaborators, and will do a post about it - teaser.... it's called Blue Ridge Fiberworks and it's pretty exciting.

So, anyway, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  My momma is no longer with us, but... Hailey is here, and she feeds us cookies, so I'm ok with that!  Thanks for reading Frankly speaking! image