Frankly speaking...... change is never easy

Autumn is supposed to be all about change - school starts, a fresh new world is promised for spring as the earth goes to sleep for the winter.  We've had a lot of changes here on the farm in July, and I'm having a little difficulty reporting them all  - I hate to sound negative or be the bearer of bad news.  So, we'll get it over with quickly and then move on. In July we lost our treasured bunnies Layla and Julianna.  Mother and daughter, this team really put our rabbitry on the map.  Julianna took best colored senior doe at Nationals in Iowa in 2013 which is huge for us; plus a best in show, etc., and was trying to have a litter when she passed away.  Wench was pretty devastated.  Just a couple of weeks later, her momma, Layla, laid down and died, for no apparent reason other than she was about 5 years old or better. Layla was the foundation of our french angora herd, and the mother or grandmother of most all our grand champions.

Also in July, wench came to the difficult decision to not send Hope up to Pennsylvania.  Hope is becoming more frail as the weeks go by, and she is unlikely to make the trip north with ease.  For this reason, her twin kids, Neptune and Hera will most likely stay here, to comfort her as we think the end is near.  She moves slowly and can't keep up with the herd.  It is a beautiful thing to see her babies (especially Neptune) stay by his momma to make sure she's ok.  Quality of life is still good, she eats and enjoys her family, but you can see she is an ancient goat.

Everyone ages, and our Hunter is having difficulty with his eyesight.  He'll be going to the vet this week to determine if something can be done to help him, but his cataracts may have gotten the best of him for now, as he bumps into things and is being careful to stay in familiar places.  It's hard to watch, but we are hopeful there is a supplement or something to help him.

In happier news, our litters of bunnies continue to be cute and grow up; trying to adjust to being groomed regularly and all that - it's looking like three bucks and four does for the KerryMegan/Aramis pointed litter (one buck is REW); two bucks and three does for the Mikimoto/D;Artangnan litter; three bucks and four does for the Ultana/Casse Noir litter; and three bucks and two does for the Bronwen/Angus litter.  We now have another litter, Duncan's Delanna x Clems Aramis.  Delanna is a seal doe and Aramis is, of course, pointed.  We expected to get really dark pointed babies, but instead got two sables and three seals.  It's ok.  We like those colors, too.

Four pointed does.  Kerry Megan x Aramis

so, if you are in need of a french angora, these should be ready for new homes in a few weeks.  We won't let them go before 12 weeks, so get in touch with wench or see her at a show, and we'll hook you up!

In other news, the chickens are all grown up now and are beginning to lay eggs.  Pullet eggs are pretty small, but every day we get bigger ones.  Not everyone is laying yet, but they are on their way.  One day we'll get 9 eggs, the next 12 or 13... our two roosters are keeping a good eye on the girls.

stash of eggs

all grown up!

As you know, builder has been working on a new pasture for us.  This one is rather depleted:


and this one is rather lush:afa1da6d-4cfc-4f2d-980f-ae819f8d6214

however, it is down the driveway and across the access road, which, for goats, can be a challenge when there is no bridge to cross.  (wench tried to convince builder to make a bridge, but he wasn't falling for that - although it might be fun).  Anyway, some of the flerd didn't get the memo, and besides there was great grass on the way to the new place, so we had to try it!


we will make quick work of the areas around the barn and then be on to the new place... yummy.  We appreciate the variety in our diet.  Speaking of variety in our diet, wench came home from the store the other day with three cases of swiss chard, which was not restaurant quality any longer, but goat quality for sure.  Me and Geronimo made pigs of ourselves. oink oink


(Willis tries to get in there, too, but he just isn't big enough sometimes).

We were glad to see the staff photog this month, Dan and his family came down for a little vacation.  We like it when Dan comes for several reasons - #1 being that it keeps wench out of our hair for a few days.  She's busy with them and so takes care of us but doesn't bug us much.  Of course one day we had to stay in the barn while they all went off to Asheville for the day.  I heard they had fun talking to some of the brass farm animals in Pack Square - how silly!


Hailey, who is the same age as me, is my new girlfriend.  She fed me animal crackers, and told wench I could have as many as I wanted.  That's because I'm the boss.  and we don't let anyone forget that fact.


thanks for reading Frankly speaking.  I have more to tell you, but I'll save it for later...