Frankly speaking......................POW a tan!!!

Hey fans and friends................... if you are in the Williamsburg VA area, take a lookie!  the Powhatan Festival of Fiber will commence on April 26th and Mountain Top Fibers will be there in Booth 67!  

This is our first MAJOR fiber fest and wench has been busy all week getting ready - my job was done when my coat came off, so I've been chill-a-xin and tellin wench what to do (she rarely takes good direction, much like when she worked for that other Frank) in any event... we are excited to see how our products are received.  Aunt June is helping out wench to try to keep her straight (good luck with that) and so look for them in Powhatan!


In other news, builder took Hunter for a hike yesterday and stumbled upon a den of coyotes!  Hunter was ready to say hello to the nice doggies, but builder was able to get him to follow him while he ran away.  A well trained dog is a wonderful thing.  Later, builder and one of the neighbors went back to the area on 4 wheelers looking to see if they could see anything, and perhaps remove the predators, but they were not showing themselves.  Of course Hunter was safely locked in the people barn (also known as the house).  Goats are safely in their stalls every evening about 6 PM, when coyotes are more likely to hunt, and that's a good thing... we've heard them at night, but never seen them before, so a watchful eye will be kept.


All of the angoras are now residing on the 3rd floor of the barn, also known as the Angora Penthouse.  Queen Julianna has the prime spot, as befits her station in life, and can view the sunrise over the mountain each morning.  We have four litters in the nestbox, three satin angora and one french, and three does bred (hopefully).  If you are looking for a french or satin of particular color or parentage, be sure to get in touch.


When wench goes to Powhatan, she is hoping to obtain a red satin buck for pairing with our girl Glimmer.  Glimmer is coming of age now, so she is looking forward to meeting Mr. Red.  I'll post pictures when he arrives.


Sorry this post is sans photos, I'll be sure to get some shots of the booth at Powhatan and give a full report upon wench's return.


That's all for now - thanks for reading Frankly speaking!