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Frankly speaking............................ a Christmas wish for you

UncategorizedDeb Clemens

T'was the night before Christmas

and all through the barn....

The angoras were busy

spinning their yarn

Not of the kind that makes hats or mittens

but the kind that keeps you people smitten

Cause on Christmas eve, so long, long ago

the animals spoke to let the world know

that the child was born to bring them redemption

and the goats said the most cause they liked the attention

Now on each Christmas since, the animals talk

so be sure to listen and not take a walk!  (sorry that's kind of lame, but it does rhyme...) anway here at Mountain Top Fibers,  we talk all the time.  After all, how many barns have a spokesgoat?

We have FAITH


and we have HOPE




and we have GLORY


and we have Gary and Geronimo...


and of course me and my sister, Annie

Imageand we all wish you a Merry Christmas!