Frankly Speaking..................have you missed me?

Hey there fans ———– sorry it has been so long since my last post.  Spring has sprung and we are busier than one armed paper hangers around here (or three peckered billy goats, but we don’t have any of those here…hheehhehe).  The babies are busy growing up and sneaking out of the stall for extra rations ( something I am unusually good at); there are new litters of bunnies being born, seven chins for Rockstar and Anne Hibbins, and seven angoras for Ganache and Chang;

In some upsetting news, Obsidian is in isolation because she apparently picked up some sort of pathogen at Nationals – Dr. Wilson over at Twin Oaks says it isn’t fatal, and that some antibiotics can clear it up.  The wench told me that she is on the mend, and will be back in the barn on Monday if all goes well. 

I am sending the wench over to Raleigh this weekend to attend the Carolina Fiber Fest and then report back as to the possibilities of me going next year.  Sometimes that wench can be a slacker, so I have to keep on her all the time.  Mountain Top Fibers is a fun business and keeps me in grain, so I have to make sure she is taking care of business, after all I don’t have thumbs, otherwise I’d do it myself.

We’ve been having some secret meetings, away from the sheep, to discuss their future, and it doesn’t look good for them.  ah well.  I’ll let you know as soon as the final decision is made and we have a plan.  In the meantime, we are looking forward to seeing the new litters grow, eating the trees and hanging out on the mountain.  Nigel is settling in and him and Daisy have formed quite the friendship.  He’s a nice sheep. 


kiss kiss — till next time, that’s it for Frankly Speaking — thanks for reading!

Will post some pictures of the babies next week…..